Sunday, June 24, 2007

Kickathon Success!

Emily did her sponsored kickathon for the Brain Trust this morning at karate, in memory of George's son in law who died from a brain tumor this time last year aged just 34. Emily did 350 roundhouse kicks, which was fantastic as she'd been aiming for 150! She would have done more but there was some confusion among the blackbelts who were holding the pads - some were letting the children change legs as often as they wanted, some (like Emily's) were under the impression they could only change legs once. Oh well. She's raised over £100 in sponsorship, so we're really proud of her :-))) She also got to have a fab play with Mei Lin and Jasmine who were there to support George and for Mei Lin, who's only two belts away from her adult black belt despite her age (guess it helps when your Dad's a master, lol!) to take part in the kickathon.

In other news I'm finally done with my deadlines for the weekend. Emily's been out this afternoon with my Mum and Dad choosing a new tree for the garden and beautiful purple rose bush. Jon's psychic insight into the whereabouts of my Mum's long lost camera proved correct - he told her a few weeks ago when she was looking for it that it would be found but it was "in the wrong case". We all thought that meant camera case. Today my Dad went up in the loft to get down a *suit*case they haven't used since last year and weren't intending taking this year - the camera was in there, instead of in the case they thought they'd packed it in.

And Emily and I have been having lots of fun leaving each other Harry Potter related messages in the bathroom scrawled over the mirror, bath and tile with bath crayons. As you do :-))

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