Saturday, February 02, 2008

New Confidence

I'm feeling much, much better now. In fact, I'm feeling more confident than I've felt in years :-)) Last Tuesday Jon gave me a very long Reiki treatment, specifically aimed at countering my social anxieties and lack of self-confidence. I felt amazing afterwards and ready to take on the world, lol. It hasn't worn off yet and the new, improved and more assertive me is having rather a nice time.

Let's see, what have wee been up to over the last week or so. On Monday we went swimming with Hazel, Tansy and Romy. I think the girls had a nice time, although Emily ended up a little bit tearful after swallowing lots of water. I was feeling like absolute poo (pre Reiki, lol) and I think my negativity was rubbing off on her a little bit :-(

Education-wise, Emily's been busy again. Continuing her Ancient Greeks project, she has been learning about the Mycenaeans and reading lots more myths. There was lots of research about Socrates, and we had a go at answering some very deep and meaningful philosophical questions, which was very interesting. Emily also learnt about Greek theatre, made a tragedy and comedy mask and investigated the Ancient Greek structure of government. She's also been writing her own ancient Greek myth, which is now incredibly long and I'm not allowed to know what it's about until it's done. I love the way she bubbles over with ideas and paints pictures with words. I'm also delighted to report that "author" has been added to Emily's list of "what I want to be when I grow up". That's my girl :-) Oooh, and we've been watching lots of documentaries and dramas too, including old favourite films like Clash of the Titans, lol.

We've also been (again) to The Collection in Lincoln, where of course the dressing up outfits had to been worn :-) Here's my beautiful Roman Lady, and Emily concentrating hard on the latin!

In chemistry, Emily learnt about flocculation and tried out an experiment adding an iron sulphate solution (I think) to muddy water. Lots of other bits and bobs of experiments too. Emily's still enjoying reading tons when she goes to bed. She's now half way through the Pure Dead Magic series by Debbie Gliori, and also loved The Mirror Image Ghost by Catherine Storr, which prompted much discussion about the holocaust.

We've started doing lots of craft type things in the evenings now, so recently Emily's been trying out macrame (she's made some super beaded hemp bracelets), rug making/latch-hooking and felting, making a lovely mermaid out of merino wool.There have been a lot of secret craft things going on too - Emily's making us some annivesary presents ;-)

On Friday we went to Jackie's for the day; Emily had a ball playing with Mei Lin and Jasmine, as normal, while the new confident me had some really interesting discussions with the grown ups of the household :-)) Jackie did some fraction work with the girls, and I did some chemistry theory with them, looking at the periodic table, the make up of an atom and so on. When we left here on Friday morning, the weather forecast was still promising snow, so we were hopeful for a day of making snowmen. Alas not. But maybe sometime soon!

Voldemort and Severus are getting much bigger now and are now allowed out pretty much all day with their collars on. We won't let them out once it gets dark, but they're always back before then by their own accord anyway, snuggled up asleep inside. They don't go very far :-)) Here's Voldy with his hero, Romeo :-) And Severus "helping" with the chemistry. Should be right up his street, being a Potions Master and all that ;)

After helping me so much with the Reiki (and generally being a superstar husband without whose emotional support I'd have lost the plot a long time ago), Jon's also trying to sort out his own health. A recent doctor's visit resulted in a switch of both his diabetic medicine (apparently the one he was on has had some scares attached to it) plus a switch of his antidepressant medication. Grandad has done his best to render even the most fully medicated soul into a nervous wreck *cue bitter scowl here*, so Jon's been put on some stronger pills. Unfortunately, they take time to kick in, so he's not feeling particularly great at the moment, since the daily put-downs and spiteful remarks from his father are still going strong. We're thinking positive, and hoping that things will settle soon. Jon has a hospital appointment coming up later in February too. If it doesn't have to be cancelled so his father can do something that simply can't wait, that is.

Next week is shaping up to be interesting; we're celebrating Imbolc tomorrow, our wedding anniversary on Wednesday and Chinese New Year on Thursday. It's also the first annivesary of our beloved Merlin's death on Thursday so we'll be thinking of him even more than we normally do :-((( On Friday, we've got two performances to go to at the Grimsby auditorium - Shakespeare For Kids Hamelt early on Friday morning plus Derek Acorah on Friday evening; guess we'll be spending Friday in Grimsby then! Plus Grandad appointments during the week, of course. Can't have a week without some of those.

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