Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Starry, Starry Night Part II

We're very happy :-))

Today was spent finishing painting all the bookcases, desk etc for Emily's new room, while Gramps did all the electrics and laid the new carpet. So, at about 8pm, we were able to bring up the sofa bed and coffee table, with everything else going to move in tomorrow. Tomorrow we'll put up the curtains, install the beauty counter, bring up the desk, fix the mirror on the wall and hang the door. Well, we = Gramps :-))

So here she is, the proud owner of a new room that we will have to stop calling The Dollshouse Room! The colour scheme fits together beautifully - Emily had far better vision than we did.


HelenHaricot said...

it is really fab.

Emma said...

Its looks fantastic. Well done Emily for the choosing how to do it hereself.

Hannah said...

The room looks great - I love the silver star clusters on the walls.
My son has his bedroom in this dark blue too and he loves it.

mamacrow said...

looks fab. Good for her for sticking to her vision, good for you for supporting her in that :)

Lucy said...

What a beautiful room! Emily obviously has a talent for interior design :)

Elle said...

The rooms look stunning.

Happy birthday btw.