Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sweet Dreams, Voldy

Baby kibbie Voldy was hit on the road last night and killed. We didn't find out until someone came to knock at our door to ask if one of our cats was missing; it must have happened an hour or two before we were told; we didn't hear it happen. He was on the pavement, within sight of our front door, with a lot of injury to his head..... we couldn't be sure it was him, for a while. But it was. Haunted now by wondering whether he was killed outright but some kind soul moved him out of the road or whether he lingered and made it to the pavement himself. Poor baby was only 20 months old. Sev Sev is completely lost without him.

Jon's buried him in the garden next to Merlin. Emily's beside herself :-((((

Sweet dreams, baby Fuffles. I know you'll be walking alongside Sev Sev as he grows up; when summer comes I know you'll be around watching the butterflies and hiding treasures under your treasure bush. Emily has put the feathered peacock ornament you kept trying to steal on to your grave; it's yours now. She's sitting at your grave as I type, reading to you. We love you.


Jax said...

very sorry to read this, lost two kittencats to a road shortly after we moved house when I was a teen and still feel it.

Violet Parr said...

So sorry to read about Voldy, I had a neighbour who drove way too fast and sadly killed two of our cats.

Voldemort was very lucky to have had such lovely, caring owners ((HUGS))

Sarahs Home said...

I am so sorry to hear your sad news.

Sarah x

Me and My Blog said...

I'm so sorry - we lost a kitten to traffic once - he was only about 8 months old. So sad.