Saturday, November 26, 2005

Kit Bit Pics

Here's Juliet in her new favourite sleeping place, half way up Emily's bookshelf unit:

and Romeo with a "mouse" (polystyrene packing bit, but hey, he has a good imagination):

Off to the vets for neutering on Tuesday. Can't shake off my nervousness about Juliet having the operation with her heart murmur, even though the vets assure us it will be absolutely fine....but her not having it, and having to remain an indoor cat for her whole life, is just not a viable option with our constant round of deliveries, open doors, etc. and wouldn't, we feel, be truly fair on her either. Shall be a nervous wreck all day Tuesday, but I do think we're doing the right thing.


Kris said...

Having a mad blog-catch-up here, but just wanted to pass on a (((hug))) and say yes you're doing the right thing. She'll be fine - pregnancy would be so much harder on her poor heart than the short anaethetic will be.

Must arrange another meet up - I'll bring the cake this time! :)

dottyspots said...

oooooooooh, makes me all broody for another cat, I keep asking dh.

stef_n_dawniy said...

oooh lovely kitty pics :)