Saturday, November 05, 2005

Settling Back Into A Routine

That's not what we're doing, but it's what we need to do.

The last few weeks have been ever so bitty really, in terms of "education". Emily's played loads, but our routine has gone right out of the window whilst we struggled to get some more business work done. I'd like to get us back on track with some proper work, especially on the Vikings and Art projects which have stalled not through lack of interest on Emily's part, but lack of time. Ho hum. Why are there never enough hours in the day?

This morning before ballet Emily spent a while doing crafty stuff, and made some lovely miniature things for her dolls house, including a very detailed cat climbing tree/scratching post/toy tree thing from wire, beads, polystyrene and felt. Then it was off to ballet, where they had great fun doing firework dances. Afterwards, Emily proudly introduced me to a new friend she's made. I was very impressed with her sociability this morning - she'd never seen this little girl before, but by the end of the lesson she'd found out her name, how old she was, where she lived, chatted to her about wobbly teeth (as you do) and made friends to the huggy-hand-holdy stage. I complimented her on nicely she'd got to know this little one, and she told me "Yes, I like making friends now. I know that if I see someone looking a bit on their own like me, all I have to do is go to them and smile and start to talk and then I can make friends with them." Yay! Progress! Things we've been encouraging Emily to do are beginning to sink in, it seems. A while ago she wouldn't have dared speak to a new person, let alone initiate a friendship.

This afternoon we had fun looking through Ecology Crafts for Kids which arrived from the wholesalers this morning. Yet more dozens and dozens of ideas for things we want to do if only we could carve out the flippin' time!!!!

After dark, Romy, Hazel and Colin popped round to share our garden fireworks display and sparklers. High tech it certainly wasn't, but it was quite pretty and made up for not having time (again) to go to an organised display this year. Especially for Grandad (still in Canada) here are some pics of the vegetable patch being put to good use!

And - breaking news - Juliet has miaowed at us not once but three times in the last hour! Looks like she's deciding to make her voice known after all :-)))

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