Friday, September 22, 2006

Autumnal Moods

It's been lovely and windy and rainy. Autumn has decided to put in appearance, and not before time!

Emily's been getting in the mood for Mabon/Autumn Equinox tomorrow - we've got some crafts and cooking to do and we're looking forward to Autumn immensely.

On Wednesday afternoon Romy came to play and she and Emily did some autumn tree collages using a small fraction of our overflowing craft did we accumulate so much stuff?? Emily's added bits to hers yesterday and today too.After Hazel and Colin came to pick Romy up, Emily and Jon hotfooted it out to watch Scunthorpe v Aston Villa in the cup match. It was live on Sky too so I got to watch snippets of it and I'm sure I saw them at one point :-)) Mind you, the local police force didn't endear themselves to me very much as they'd closed the road AGAIN when I went to pick them up late on Wednesday, and even once I'd found them we had to sit in Tescos carpark for half an hour before anyone could get out as the police were blocking off the roundabout for no apparent reason other than the fact that they *could*.

Yesterday morning Emily and Jon had tai chi; they've nearly finished this particular form now. In the afternoon, Emily did some wonderful poetry work on the theme of colours. She was working on what moods different colours evoke/represent and came up with some brilliant imagery. She also wrote a series of poems describing various colours in the style "Green is.... Green says.... Green asks us.....Green warns..." and so on. Very thought provoking, I was impressed with her turn of phrase and grasp of abstract concepts like what a colour might ask of the world. Then it was off to ballet. While Emily was pirouetting and tapping away, I sat in the car trying to get my article written for the journalism course. Came up with some great outlines...but didn't actually get time to see any of them through. Had a nice time cloud watching in the very heavy wind, though. Very relaxing :-))

This morning after dashing off to deal with Grandad's prescription, I sat with Emily while she wrote the covering letter for the batch of artwork she's sending off to be assessed. This afternoon we covered lots of spelling and studied some extracts from a book about the execution of Mary Queen of Scots, looking at the various language devices used, pinpointing what mood the author was trying to set and how you could tell whether or not she was sympathetic to Mary or Elizabeth. It seems like a lifetime ago since we did our massive Tudors project (well, it is about 14 months) but the subject still fascinates our little historian. Harry Potter continues to be a great fascination, natch. We finished Order of the Phoenix a few days ago and have now started on Half Blood Prince. My voice was wavering at various points during the last few chapters of OOTP, especially Sirius' death and Dumbledore's explanations to Harry of what was really going on. Daft moo. It is rather engaging, though. I do find myself caring what happens, which is far more than you can say for many kids books.

We're set for a busy weekend between Mabon celebrations, the usual round of deadlines for me, ballet and karate. Early next week we need to get the weather project wrapped up in between a load of running around to do to try to get Grandad's umpteen health appointments sorted out before we can finally go away for a week on Thursday. Can't wait. Not a moment too soon, especially for Jon, who's been suffering from a great deal of pressure recently, what with business issues and family issues alike, and the fact that we're surrounded by a lot of negativity - even to the point of being made to feel guilty that we're going on holiday :-(( He's pretty depressed at the moment, having been so indoctrinated by various people constantly telling him that everything is his fault - even Emily notices it now, and told him off the other day for taking the blame, bless her. We really need to get him out of this atmosphere for a short while.

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