Saturday, September 23, 2006

Very Brief Mabon!

Was woefully unprepared for today's festivities; there were loads of crafts and activities we wanted to do, but they'll have to wait - we'll either incorporate them into Samhain or fit them in between now and then.

Once Emily was back from ballet this afternoon, though, we had a brief look at Mabon and its traditions. While I read the myths of Persephone and of Mabon, son of Modron to her, Emily worked on a piece of art representing the perfect balance between light and darkness. I rather like it :-)
After that, Emily made apple crumble - she wanted to make something seasonal with apples and whilst we found all kinds of wonderful mabon recipes we were a bit thin on ingredients (rolls eyes) so apple crumble it was. She was very independent with this - all I did was peel the apples. And decidedly yummy it was too.

And that was the extent of Mabon, lol. Never mind, we'll make up for it with an extended Samhain. Emily and Jon are now watching Reading v Man United on the telly while I get on with some work!

Later this evening, Emily wants to start work on an angel story for this Angel Stars competition. I really like those dolls, but at £30 each they're way too pricey. Would be nice to win one :-)

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Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

What a beautiful picture. K's doing the Angel Stars too! Elle