Monday, October 09, 2006

Manic Monday

Been rushing around all day today and boy my headache isn't letting me forget it. My eyes are hurting too, I think I need a lie down in a darkened room. Which so isn't going to happen.

Yesterday morning Emily was made captain of her group in karate for the day so she got to choose which exercises they should do and checked everyone was doing it right - she was as proud as punch :-) Once back from karate there was a short pause before we rushed off to ballet. This time, there were only 8 children and the parents were asked to stay and watch, to take notes of what needs working on for this exam. Brought home my notebook overflowing with stuff on 22 different exercises/pieces and Emily has finally got her copy of the music to practice to. She did very well yesterday, actually; watching her in the group put my mind at rest a lot.

This morning my Mum and I went to JTF Wholesale in Lincoln on a Christmas and birthday pressie/birthday party hunt. Came home loaded with bits and bobs :-)) While I was out, Emily had started work on her mythical creatures project and had drawn and coloured a fantastic phoenix and written about phoenixes including quotes from the HP books, and had also done a glitter unicorn for her window. We've given Emily a copy of The Element Encyclopedia of Mythical Creatures (massive great big hardback book it is; we've had it in stock for yonks but haven't sold it, so it's now hers - oh, the advantages of growing up in a household that retail books!) and she's thrilled with that. We're also winding down our stock of mythical creature sticker books so she's now the proud owner of one of those too, and then of course there's the Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts book she's had for yonks, various "how to draw" type books on this theme and the half hundredweight of myth/mythology general resources the shelves are groaning with...think I could probably leave her be for a week in her bedroom without further intervention or guidance, really!

As soon as Mum and I got back from JTF, Emily and I went out to Normanby Hall on a manic "nature collecting" trip - we had to rush in order to be back in time for football, but we did have time for a wonderful Harry Potter play in the "Forbidden Forest" - as you do. Then, as I say, it was hot foot it back home just in time for Emily to change into her football kit and Jon's now taken her out to the practice.

I'm worn out; disproportionately so, really. If only my headache would go I might get some energy back. Perhaps.

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Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Busy, busy, busy! Hope the headache disappears quickly once you get your much needed lie down! Elle