Friday, October 20, 2006

Must Get Better

at doing "ballet buns". This was my first attempt for yesterday's ballet lesson. I've never done buns before, although I can do the Heidi style pinned up plaits and I do a mean french plait too - but no, for the exam it has to be a bun. Needless to say, Emily's fell out by the end of the lesson. Nobody else's did. Oh, the shame!

Meanwhile, Romeo has had one too many late nights out on the tiles ;-)


Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Oh, I remember the bun thing! K's first ballet exam where we had to get her small, whispy amount of hair into a decent bun with a blue ribbon tied "correctly" around it. They actually had a person in charge of hair in the dressing room to redo "bad bun days"! Luckily K's stayed in OK for the exam. Good luck! Elle

Nikki said...

Bad bun days, rofl!! Emily's been wanting to get her hair cut and we've had to say no, not until after the exam, for fear of not being able to do this flippin' hairstyle with short hair. I half hope we do have a bun lady in the waiting room. Would put me out of my misery, anyway, although at least we don't have to tie a ribbon round it. Just back from yet another lesson this morning and today the bun stayed in.....progress!