Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hair Colour

Hmmmm. Well, it looked more purple on the packet. And it does look more purple than this photo shows too, although admittedly a marroony-reddish-purple. It makes a change from boring brown, anyway! This was a L'Oreal kit, so I suppose it wasn't going to be particularly drastic on my dark hair. I've just seen some really nice "goth" dyes on ebay though, so once this has worn off I might just go a bit potty with one of those.


Jax said...

ooh, I think that looks rather nice. I've always favoured henna from lush though, in fact, must get around to doing that again very soon.

Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Lovely - colour is great. I've always fancied going black actually, but have yet to pluck up the courage! Elle

Nikki said...

Thanks both :-) I've always fancied black hair too, Elle. Emily's keen to do hers black as well!