Saturday, February 03, 2007


Fell in love with the cutest rabbits ever this evening when I went to pick Emily up. She's been out all day playing at Kayleigh's house and they now have four rabbits and a hamster. I just had to have tons of cuddles!!!! Although they were told all their rabbits were girls when they bought them, it looks like one of them is pregnant. Ahem. How did that happen??? So they may well be looking for homes for baby rabbits very soon.

And of course Emily is utterly head over heels with said rabbits.

Would love to have some, but I'm not sure how the cats would take to it. And it wouldn't really be fair on Merlin in his current state anyway. Although having said that, a year ago he was catching baby rabbits and bringing them home regularly, so it may perk him up a bit......although then that wouldn't be fair on the rabbits, obviously!! So I don't think we will, this time. But it was a nice thought while it lasted.

It's been deathly quiet here all day without Emily, but we did manage to get lots and lots of work done, so I suppose that's a plus. Would have preferred to play with rabbits all day though.....

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