Saturday, May 12, 2007

Grandad Home Again

It's been an "interesting" week again, lol. Virtually nothing achieved, education wise, although Jon did finally find the letter we had from the LEA last November. Since they were so polite and stayed firmly within the boundaries of what they were legally allowed to say, we decided to play ball and send them a report. I wrote it months ago, but then we lost the letter, so I spent half an hour yesterday updating it and now we've sent it off.

Jon's Dad came out of hospital again yesterday afternoon, and this time we're hoping things will settle and he won't end up having to go back in yet again next week.

Between hospital visits, we haven't managed to fit in very much else, although Emily did make it to yoga on Tuesday afternoon. She handed in her work for levels 7, 8 and 9, and is now busy learning the sanskrit she needs to know for her next test on Tuesday next week.

Yesterday morning before fetching Grandad, we went to visit Hazel, Romy and baby Tansy. Emily had a lovely play with Romy and I had a fabulous cuddle with the utterly adorable Tansy, although Hazel declined my offers to adopt her ;-)

This morning I dropped Emily off at ballet and came home to frantically work through some deadlines. Trish picked Emily up after the lesson and she's spending the afternoon at Kayleigh's house, no doubt besotted with the baby rabbits they've just had. Tomorrow, Emily and Daddy are off to visit a Japanese garden and meditation centre while I plough on with more deadlines. Jon's been hard at work on ebay all week, so between the personal account and the business account we must have nearly 800 items listed at the moment!

And, er, that's about it. I'm counting on an altogether less eventful and more productive week next week.

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