Sunday, May 13, 2007

Stunning Meditation Garden

We've been a bit devoid of pictures lately, so I'm going to chuck all these on from Jon and Emily's early morning trip to the Pureland Japanese Garden & Meditation Centre, which they found absolutely stunning - perhaps all the more so because it was pouring with rain - and the perfect place to meditate. All pictures are by Emily (apart from the ones *of* Emily, lol). She and Daddy loved it there and are keen to go back. Emily was particularly bowled over by the energy coming from the crystals in the crystal garden and she loved that there was something beautiful and interesting hidden just about everywhere. The owner, Buddha Maitreya, brought umbrellas out to them, and had a lovely long chat with Emily :-))

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Jax said...

that place looks great. I could do with a bit of space to meditate.