Sunday, July 29, 2007

Deathly Hallows - Sob

We've only got five chapters left now. Yes, I know, we're quite possibly the last people on the planet who are interested but yet to finish the book. Just in case anyone else interested has been even slower than us, though, I won't mention names. Emily was devestated by the death at the end of the Elder Wand chapter :-// It's quite odd, really - there've been deaths aplenty so far, and although I've cried at several of them, reading it aloud, she's been more astonished and fascinated than actually upset, but this one - I think she's spent so long bound up in the fate of this character, I guess she was really holding out for this being one death that JK Rowling wouldn't go for. What with her being so tearful about that death and then the helpful appearance of a spider on her duvet, we had an "interesting" night.

On a brighter note, our Polish friends are finally back in the UK, several months later than anticipated, so they're coming to see us next week. Emily's very excited about seeing Kate again. And who knows, with a forecast of sunny weather here next week, the long awaited paddling pool may finally get to put in an appearance. Which will hopefully distract a certain someone from the much put off finality of having, by then, finished the last Harry Potter novel ever. If only she'd discovered Harry Potter several years earlier than she did!

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lucy said...

Yes that was a sad one :( and there is a definite lull after finishing... good to keep busy :)