Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Off On Holiday

We're off on Saturday, rain or no rain. Now, I love the rain. I'm all for it. I never thought I'd hear myself say this though - I'd really appreciate it if it would STOP raining, just for a week or two! I was just looking back at my blog from a year ago - back then I was lamenting about Merlin going missing for 24 hours, bless his heart, and about it being way, way TOO HOT. Paddling pool pictures all over the show, throughout June too. Haven't been able to put the pool up yet this year, much to Emily's utter disgust. And now, according to the long range weather forecast, we're set for a week of rain in St Bees too. Oh well. I'm sure we'll have a lovely time just the same, but a little bit of sunshine would have helped!

We've had a fab week home-ed wise again. Emily's getting through a ton of stuff and she's really enthusiastic about it too, which is lovely to see. In amidst the English, maths, history, geography and science we've also done dozens of Harry Potter pretends, discussed every Harry Potter theory in the universe several times over, written secret prediction lists for the last Harry Potter book (anyone spotted a theme here yet?), played hours on the new Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix PC game, and been re-reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, having previously re-read all the others.

Today we rushed back from yoga to watch the live broadcast from the Order of the Phoenix London premiere although we only caught the last ten minutes of it. No more yoga now until September - time's racing by. When we get back from holiday Emily and I will be straight out to see the new film (wanting to get in quick before the schools break up, lol), and then it's only a few days until the release of Deathly Hallows. I suspect "reading" will be rather high up Emily's to-do list for a few days after that ;-)

On Friday our friends came round for the day; Emily, Mei-Lin and Jasmine had fun working on role plays about Lord Shaftesbury interviewing Victorian child workers, as well as doing some more maths, some German and lots of science experiments about density, plus a huge play. We were going to stitch some cushions on the theme of "the elements" but we ran out of time - next time. Emily and I are heading to theirs later this week before Jon attends his reiki course on Friday and then we'll hit the road for the long and not particularly fun drive up to Cumbria. Hey ho. It'll be worth it when we get there, even if it does chuck it down all week. I think we've already seen far more of that beach in rain-soaked weather than we ever have in sunshine. And caravans are rather nice places to be when the elements are unleashing their fury outside. Cosy :-))

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Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Hope you have a good one, rain or shine! Elle