Sunday, September 16, 2007

Feng Shui, Whitby Abbey & Missing Daddy

Some photos from the rather lovely Whitby Abbey, where we spent the day on Friday having gone to pick Jon up from his course in Scarborough. Very atmospheric, especially as it was blowing a gale at the time. Very good audio tour handset thingies, too.

Prior to that, the last ten days are a bit of a blur. We had a lovely day out at Normanby Hall with Hazel, Romy and Tansy on Friday the 7th before heading back home to prepare for Jon going away on the Sunday. While Jon was away, Emily and I were rushed off our feet trying to keep up with things. We marked out a timetable for each day, lol, so we could fit everything in. Emily was incredibly grown up, responsible and helpful, pulling out from our stock all the orders to be packed, cleaning the bathroom and the cat's bowls, tidying up everywhere, putting laundry away, photographing hundreds (literally) of items for ebay and all sorts. Somewhere in all that she also found time to tile her dollshouse :-)

Baby Kitty Voldemort was poorly again during the week - found him with diarrhea when we got back from dropping Jon off in Scarborough on Sunday, and then he stopped eating altogether, wouldn't play, lost a huge amount of weight and was generally pretty ill. Brought him back from the vets midweek with rehydration powder to go in his water plus probiotic syringes for his tummy, and we spent a great deal of time nursing him back to health. He's fine now and seems to have put back on all the weight he lost. Severus is fine too, although he was rather miserable when Voldy wouldn't play with him :-(

Emily went to ballet on Monday evening. It was the first lesson of term, but it was also her last lesson. I peeked in during the lesson and saw her looking absolutely miserable and being told off yet again. The next lot of exams are coming up in November, and we were due to pay over £100 in fees, extra fees plus exam fees. Enough was enough - it stopped being fun a long time ago, and Emily agreed that it was time now to call a halt to it. So she won't be going back. The only thing she's worried about is not seeing her friend Kayleigh, although we've promised that we'll keep in touch with her and she's due to come to play soon.

On a happier note, last week was also the first week back at yoga, which Emily is still loving. There were half a dozen new children there too, which was a relief. Some of the older girls left at the end of the summer term and I had been worried there wouldn't be enough to keep the class going, but it seems pretty full now.

In between being very grown up and talking to Daddy on the phone several times a day, Emily and I completed our week long feng shui project. First thing on Monday, Emily paced out all the rooms so we could make a roughly to scale floor plan, and then we used a compass and bagua to mark out the main guas of the home. During the rest of the week we took each individual room in turn, marked the individual guas within it and made extensive notes and floor plans about where we'd like things to go, future colour schemes and the judicious addition of things like mirrors and windchimes. It was a lot of fun and we both learnt loads doing that. Now if only we could clear enough clutter to actually put the re-decorations into progress sometime soon! Patience and lots of chipping away at it are required.

On Wednesday, Grandad had a letter from the hospital helpfully informing him that he was to be admitted on Friday (yes, less than 48 hours notice) for his angioplasty. And of course on Friday, we had to pick Jon up from Scarborough. Fortunately my parents volunteered to take Grandad to Hull. Once again, despite being admitted, he didn't have the angioplasty done, to cut a very, very long story short. However, he has to go back again for another attempt at the beginning of October.

Anyway, despite being constantly busy, we didn't get done half of what we wanted to get done while Daddy was away, but hey, we tried. And we played tons of games too, including endless rounds of a game that Jackie taught Emily, and the name of which completely escapes me now. The one where you have 16 cards to begin with, and you have to be able to put down 40 before you can do anything else and at the end of the game the loser counts up how many points they still have in their hand. Anyway. We like that one.

Jon had a fantastic week on the course and came back having learnt loads and full of interesting ideas for his future development. While he was away, he had two readings with two of the tutors, one with Donna Stewart and one with psychic artist Lyndsey Tyson who painted a fantastic auragraph for him which my Dad has now framed. The reading he had with Donna was very emotional as she had Jon's Mum there with her; his Mum had a great deal to say about the current situation with Jon's Dad and brother, and a lot to say about Emily too, all of which was completely accurate and very moving. Jon's own mediumship impressed the tutors and they told him in front of everyone else what a wonderful spirit he had and how he had lit up the whole conference with his light and his contributions :-)) Very, very proud of him :-))

While Jon was away he took some photos in the hotel grounds late at night, after specifically asking for spirit energies to appear. He captured a lot of orbs and other lights. It obviously wasn't anything on the camera as the marks don't appear in any of the other photos he took at night without asking; it wasn't reflection off anything as a) there was nothing there and b) between one photo and the next in the same place, seconds apart, the lights appear and then disperse or move; they weren't moths (there were some moths in some of the photos which can clearly be seen as such); they weren't visible at the time to the eye; the lights are all of differing sizes and intensities, which wouldn't be the case if it were dust or something like that (and besides which, that wouldn't explain why some photos show nothing at all). So we were quite impressed with some of these. There are quite a lot of them although I've only put three on here because I don't think they show up as well when they're resized. The second and third photo were taken from the same place with just seconds between them, so you can see that most of the orbs/lights/whatever have moved/dispersed in that time.

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