Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kitties in the Garden!

Big day for Voldemort and Severus today. First day out in the garden on harnesses! Sev loved it, Voldy was somewhat less impressed and spent most of the time slithering along on his belly like a snake! We were chaperoned the entire time by a very indignant looking Ju-Ju, who looked exceedingly miffed that her garden was no longer a kitty-free zone. First pic is Ju-Ju getting up close and personal with Voldemort's bottom!!And a slightly more dignified approach to Severus:Voldemort (on his belly, natch) gets to know some flowers:while Severus has a good look round:Meanwhile, Juliet looked on in horror at kitties in HER vegetable patch!

Also today, Emily finished painting and labelling her relief map of ancient China, which has turned out very well indeed.

Yesterday was extremely chaotic and involved two trips by Jon to the dentist for a crown that had fallen off, plus two trips by me and Emily to the vet, plus a swimming trip, plus Jon's psychic circle night. Emily and I ended up at the vets twice within two hours, lol - first we took Voldy and Sev Sev for their second vaccinations, but immediately we got back through the door, Jon told us he'd seen Romeo limping badly, holding his front right paw curled right up to his shoulder. Exit again almost immediately, with a hugely disgruntled Mr Pome in tow, to the vet's emergency clinic. Romeo had puncture wounds all the way up his leg, presumably from fighting. He's fine now after some painkillers and antiobiotics, and has spent all day asleep on our bed, much as he used to pre-kitties, so that's a very good thing!

The swimming trip yesterday was a great success; we went with Hazel, Romy and baby Tansy. Emily and Romy had a lovely long play in the pool, and Emily seems to have gained a little bit more confidence than last time we went. She can now "swim" a little bit in the baby pool, for about 3-4 strokes, but she won't carry that forward into the big pool. I guess she'll get there in time. She's adamant she doesn't want to be taught to swim by anybody but me, bless her, despite the clearly atrocious job I'm doing of it! Meanwhile Baby Tansy stayed in the pool for half an hour and was unbelievably adorable :-))

The news with Jon's Dad continues to be by turn frustrating and infuriating. I have to take him to the doctor again tomorrow as he's back to wanting "something done" about his diabetes. Fine - but this evening, just before Emily and I left for yoga, he had his tea, which consisted of two whole trout plus a mountain of potatoes and vegetables...and then ten minutes later he was back in the kitchen making himself toast and jam. The ideal snack for an elderly man whose diabetes is seriously out of control. Yet tomorrow, he'll lie through his teeth to the doctor and say he barely eats anything and has perfect dietary control :-((

I'm a bit at a loss as to what to do about that. I always go into the doctor's room with him, but I'm not prepared to outright call him a liar in front of the doctor as a) I don't think humiliating him will have much effect, b) it's not in my nature to do that and c) I'd pay for it later. I think I've dropped dozens of hints to medical professionals over the last year, but of course if Grandad himself continues to lie and misrepresent how much he eats and how little he exercises, they can't advise him properly.

I think part of the problem is that he's deeply depressed at the moment, which I guess isn't helping with the diabetes either. It's not surprising, I imagine, given the whole angioplasty/heart attacks scenario. Plus a holiday he was looking forward to has been cancelled (although he apparently told the family member concerned that he was relieved not to be going) and I think we're now beginning to see the backlash. Unfortunately, although I firmly believe that Jon and I know far better than anyone else what goes on his head these days, he lies to other family members, both about what happens at this end and about how he feels, which all just adds to the general difficulty of the situation. He'll tell one person one thing but then his behaviour or what he might tell me shows completely the opposite. It's bizarre and infuriating, especially considering Jon's very, very much only second best as a son, as far as he's concerned, so little that ever originates from us pleases him despite how hard we try. I guess we'll keep on trying to do our best, obviously. It's what we do, and would do anyway, even if we had a choice not to. Surely it must get easier at some point, though - ?


Shirl said...

A very busy day for you then. Really lovely photos.....:0)

Allie said...

I'm very impressed by that map.