Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Another Injury!

Double Trouble:

Emily's foot recovered well enough that we went swimming again on Sunday afternoon. Never, ever again at a weekend. It was horrible. Packed to the brim with sniggering teenagers of the worst kind. Emily lost a lot of confidence all over again, and in the process slipped down some steps twisting her foot nastily. It ended up swollen and blue, so we had to call off swimming on Monday.

Her foot's now recovered from both injuries, bless her, but she's got a sore throat and stinking cold instead. Romy, Hazel and Tansy came over to play this afternoon; fortunately, as they all had colds already, perhaps Emily's lurgy won't have been passed on.

Anyway; between the various injuries it's been a pleasant enough start to the week. On Monday we cracked on with Ancient China, watching a recorded DVD from the other day of the British Museum exhibition on the First Emperor and the Terracotta Army. Emily wanted to make notes while it was on and came up with several pages of very intelligent observations, so that was all good stuff. Yesterday we started a new biology book and braved the spiders in the garden to collect lots and lots of plant samples, ready to do some taxonomy work.

This morning we took Romeo and Juliet out the vets first thing for their booster vaccinations. This is Romeo still sleeping it off in a pile of dressing up clothes left out after Romy and Emily had been playing this afternoon:
The good news is that JuJu has now completely grown out of her heart murmur. The not so good news is that Mr Pome hasn't grown out of his, but it's a low grade one and it hasn't really caused him any trouble so far, apart from making him pant a little and cough sometimes, so fingers crossed that it won't get any worse. Casssandra-cat is due to go her for booster vaccination soon; she's looking a bit sorry for herself at the moment, but she's very affectionate and quite lively still. I think her fifteen plus years are catching up with her a little though :-(

The baby kits are doing fabulously well. They've finally got over the diarrhea and seem to have grown a huge amount in the last fortnight or so. They've got beautifully glossy coats and they're looking gorgeous :-) They're not very keen on being taken in the garden on their harnesses, though. Not like Pome and JuJu who couldn't wait to get out there every day. Mind you, the other day Voldemort shot out through the back door on his own, catching me unawares. I'd opened the door thinking the babies were nowhere in sight and he just appeared. Bless his heart, he only got a few feet outside the door and then froze, lol.

Here are some catch-up photos as I haven't done any for a while. The top kitten is Voldemort, the bottom one is Severus; the only way we can tell them apart now is by their faces - their eyes/noses are slightly differently shaped, as you can see. We can only barely tell them apart from above or behind, rofl!!! They do have very distinct personalities, but that's not going to be much help later on when we're trying to tell them apart from a distance outside!

This is Emily's windchime set that she made on Friday afternoon; she did all the drilling holes etc herself, so she's very pleased with it. She's going to add another ribbon at the weekend, ran out of time on Friday.
And here's Voldemort on Emily's altar braving the various cacti as he's discovered there are conkers in the offering bowl and they both LOVE playing with conkers! And Severus with the glowing eyes, practising for his role as Halloween Cat.

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