Monday, October 22, 2007

Half Term Cinema

Continuing with my reckless disregard of the, oooh, twelve or so deadlines I have to meet before we can go away on holiday, Emily and I went off to the cinema again this morning. We saw Stardust, which was very entertaining and quite funny. I thought it was about half an hour too long, but Emily loved it, so that's what counts :-)

Mind you, I must have had a temporary brain slip and forgotten what a nightmare cinema during school holidays is. It was packed, complete with only one poor boy at the popcorn stand who had to issue all the actual tickets as well as deal with everyone's food purchases. Huuuge queues.

There are a lot of films coming up that Emily's dying to see; she's desperate to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age, plus Dark is Rising, plus The Golden Compass, plus Enchanted plus Nancy Drew, plus Mr Magorium's Magic Emporium, plus St Trinians, plus several more I can't remember! Looks like we'll be spending a while in the cinema between now and Christmas. We're hoping to get to see Elizabeth while we're away.

Speaking of away, we'll be going, as soon as possible (for which read: as soon as my deadlines are done) for as long as possible (for which read: as long as Jon's father will reluctantly and petulantly permit before he can manufacture an excuse which requires our presence back here). Jon's father isn't happy because I haven't yet made him his most recently demanded doctor's appointment, and might not get round to it until we get back. Mind you, the minute we get back I have to take him back to the diabetic clinic yet again, anyway. Which is what the doc appointment is also for, so he *really* doesn't need to do both but hey, everyone needs a hobby and it's not as if I have anything better to do. He can't see why we need a holiday in any case, since we apparently just sit around doing nothing all day every day. You have to laugh.


Elle said...

A well deserved holiday I think. Get your deadlines done and have some fun! Elle

Anonymous said...

you guys definitely deserve some time away from he who shall not be mentioned.

have a great time!! xx