Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kitty Castle & Party Invites

Today's doings - Emily's designed and hand made the invitations for her Ancient Egypt party, with lovely pastelled sunsets and cut out pyramids and palm trees. I'm very keen this year to try to get everything organised well in advance, for Christmas, for Emily's "real" birthday on the 2nd Jan and for the party ten days later. I'm trying to be super-organised because I would really like to be able to relax and enjoy the last couple of weeks before Christmas and the New Year instead of tearing my hair out and trying to get everything done.

"Education" as a school would recognise it has been fairly short on the ground this last couple of days, apart from some long division, but Emily's been doing lots of reading and lots, lots, lots, lots of drawing and designing. On Sunday afternoon she built this fabulous kitty castle for Voldemort and Severus from a big box which had delivered secret things a few days earlier. The kittens absolutely loved it, and are now using it as their preferred sleeping place at night - it's so cute to see them curled up inside it!

Romeo and Juliet have had a good old sniff around it too, although Cassie Cat deemed it all a bit beneath her. The babies are now LOVING going out in the garden for their walks on harnesses. So much for my hopes that they'd be homebodies. They're itching to be let loose, bless them. Will have to book them in for neutering during December, although we won't be "letting them go" until after Emily's birthday - cuts down on the stress levels as lost kittens are not a pleasant thing to be worrying about over the festive season!


Liza said...

Invitations look great!
wow those kittens are growing fast.

HelenHaricot said...

fabulous invitations and castle. your dd has such a wonderful artistic streak.
a query on an earlier post - what are the dots on the photos thought to be?