Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No Time for Blogging!

I've managed to get out of the habit of regular blogging, obviously. Oh well, I guess it's a good sign that we're busy!

Emily has new glasses now, picked up from the lovely little independent opticians in Kirton Lindsey - I'm very impressed with them. The morning we went to pick them up we parked diagnoally opposite the little bank there - it was all cordoned off and surrounded by police cars; the entire front of the building was gone. It turns out that thieves had used some sort of vehicle to smash it in during the early hours of the morning. And despite it being surrounded by buildings including a block of flats, nobody heard anything. Riiiight.

Emily had a busy week last week, with swimming, yoga, tai chi and karate. On Wednesday, Hazel, Romy and Tansy came to see us and the girls had a nice play and made a Christmas angel each from a kit I had. The instructions were only in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish, but we managed ;-)

Friday was a very busy day; Emily and I went out to Jackie's for most of the day. Emily, Mei Lin and Jasmine had a ball playing chess for hours (me too!) and we also did a little bit of work from my five minute fiction book. We had about an hour once we got home before Emily was picked up by Colin and Romy for - ta da! - her first ever sleepover! Alas, it didn't quite go according to plan. Emily and Romy had, I gather, a fantastic play all evening and really enjoyed themselves, but when it came to the actual sleeping bit, Emily felt quite tearful and wanted to come home, so we went to fetch her at about 1.30. It was a shame, as she'd been so excited about going, but I guess she just wasn't quite ready for the experience!

Yesterday morning was the Grand Official Annual Opening of the Loft. A few days early, actually, as we had been planning to get the Christmas stuff down on Thursday, but Gramps was looking for a beautiful chess set (modelled on the Isle of Lewis set) he wanted to give to Emily to celebrate her new found obssession with the game, so while he was up there he gingerly lowered down the four hundred and thirty six boxes of decorations, trees and assorted "sparkly stuff". After lots of oooohing and aaahing over the contents of the boxes, Emily and I played four games of chess (and she won all four!) before we gave up on the thought of where we were going to put all the boxes and went off to do some cooking instead.

A little while later and Emily had made some wonderful chocolate chip shortbread snowflake cookies for Jon to take to the weekly psychic circle at Jackie's house, where, I gather, they went down extremely well indeed.

Today we were going to do some "work". Ahem. Instead we played another three games of chess (guess who won?) and erm, well, moved furniture. A lot. In our dining room/Emily's education room we had a computer desk with a very old and completely defunct PC on it. We got rid of that, leaving a nice big space. And you know what it's like when you've got a nice big space. You start finding things to put in it. So we tried several different permuations of furniture before finally finding one that we liked and which would leave room for a Christmas tree to go in there too, as well as the one in Nana and Gramps' sitting room and our main one in our sitting room upstairs. We'd only just found the right combination, though, when it was time to rush out to yoga - so I've still got most of the room to sort out tonight. Oh joy. Still, it'll be nice when it's done.

We're having a few problems with Juliet and the kittens - she won't leave them alone, but not in a playful way, she's really quite aggressive towards them now. And, bizarrely, despite being beaten up every time they go near her, they won't leave her alone either. It's all a far cry from Romeo, who adores them to bits, and Cassie Cat, who's maintaining a dignified and aloof indifferent distance from the babies. Not JuJu. Last night the three of them were winding each other constantly and we had to keep intervening to seperate them. During the course of all that, Severus managed go give himself an electric shock (we think) by chewing through some wire!! I've booked Severus and Voldemort in to be neutered next week. They'll be nearly six months old then, which is older than Romeo was when he and Juliet were neutered - I'm wondering if they're starting to mature in that sense, which is why they're bothering JuJu, and if she senses that and is threatened by it, which is why she's bothering them. We're really hoping it will all calm down when the babies come back minus the salient bits of anatomy :-//

Oooh, and yesterday evening when I was in the downstairs loo, I caught sight of a weird flashing just outside the window. I grabbed the camera and took a few photos outside the door. The first one I took has these orbs on it (click on the photo to see it bigger). The next one, seconds later, has nothing.
In answer to Helen, who asked in the comments on my last post: the orbs are believed by some people to be spirit energy. Others, of course, completely dismiss them as being nothing but (insert technical explanation here) something to do with digital cameras, or flies, or moisture droplets, or various other things.

I'd *like* to believe that the orbs are spirit energy, although we're keeping an open mind. Emily and I have some experiments planned to see if we can deliberately recreate them. So far I'm not convinced by any of the technological explanations, for various reasons. For instance, pictures taken just seconds apart, from the same place with the same camera, can have orbs on one and then not on the next - the moth theory holds up there but in all honesty, it's not hard to see moths with your eyes, and we do have some pictures that have moths in them....looking very much like moths. Anyway, with photos in quick success like that, imo the "it's a digital camera thing" or moisture droplets really doesn't fit. Also, I've been back through hundreds of photos we took before this year, with the same camera, and I haven't found a single orb on any of them. It's only this year, and specifically since the spring when Jon started his mediumship training, that we've ever found any on pictures we've taken. I've only posted a handful on here; some of the ones I've posted (not this one) I've sometimes lightened the background so you can see the orbs better because they simply don't show up very well at a small size, but on the actual original photos they show up clearly without any lightening needed.

If orbs are caused by something to do with digital camera technology, I don't get why it doesn't happen all the time, to everyone. However, I do admit that it's strange that orbs were not usually noticed on cameras before digital - but I don't buy the technology being the cause of it, if you see what I mean. If it's something physical like moisture, I don't see why it would be disappearing *that* fast, or only visible on one camera if more than one person takes the same photo at the same time. So I do err towards these orbs not being as easily explained away as some people claim they can be - but I'm looking forward to experimenting to see if we can recreate them. I'm doing a lot of research on the net and in various books about this too, from both points of view. I'm very interested to get to the bottom of it if that's possible :-)

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