Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bleurgh Part 2

Wasn't getting better. Had one of the worst night's sleep I can remember, tossing and turning, shaking, sweating and shivering and with huge painful pressure behind my eyes, in my cheeks and down the sides of my neck. You know when you're feverish and you get a fragment of a dream or pre-dream thought and you just can't seem to move on past that (or is that just me?) - no matter how many times you drift off to sleep you seem to get endlessly "stuck" on that same bit and then wake up again just a few minutes later? Well, anyway, it's horrid.

Went to the GP this morning as I really, really, really don't want to still have this over Christmas and I was pretty sure by now that it wasn't just a viral cold. Our very sweet GP thinks I have a nasty sinus infection. He's given me some nasal spray and some weird antibiotics (since I'm allergic to penecillin) which, he cheerfully told me, are mostly used to treat malaria and bubonic plague and would probably make me feel violently sick. He was certainly right about that. Bleurgh.

The doctors were running very late, so I got back too late for Jon to take Grandad shopping before he (Jon) had to go out to the dentist. When he gets back he'll take G out, then when they get back Emily and I need to go out to Asda. I shall make a valiant attempt not to throw up in the aisles.

Meanwhile this morning Nana and Gramps took Emily off to the Brigg garden centre for their traditional Christmas root around. Emily came back laden with secret goodies for me and Daddy, as well as a beautiful cat statuette and a stunning black and gold feather mask which she chose because she can use it in festivals to represent the darkness giving way to the sunlight. She rather liked this beautiful green goddess statue they had on display too!

Tomorrow we're having our yule day with Hazel, Romy and Tansy coming over for the day; we'll be doing some baking, listening to yule stories, making a yule cave the god and goddess figures in the garden and generally being arty crafty, assuming I can drag myself out of my zombified state by then!

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Hazel said...

I hope so! If not, give me a ring. Get yourself better for Xmas woman!! ;o)
H. xxx