Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Have the cold from hell. It started late Sunday night and progressed to full blown horror by Monday morning with exceedingly sore throat, aches, pains and sinuses fit to explode. I didn't go to the party on Monday night as I was feeling too poorly and sorry for myself. Jon went though, and had a fab time :-)) By Tuesday morning I was feeling so ill that I went back to bed and slept for a few hours, which is very unusual indeed for me. Feeling slightly better today, although not a huge amount. My main worry now is that Jon will get this lurgy just in time for Christmas :-(( I'm not too worried about Emily as I think she gave it to me in the first place, but poor Jon is in charge of our Christmas dinner so we can't afford to have a poorly chef ;-)

Emily and I did go out yesterday afternoon, to see Enchanted at the cinema. Emily absolutely loved it. I thought it was passable enough but slightly annoying in places, and much too long. Then again, that may have been the cold speaking. Then again again, maybe I'm just getting old - I seem to find most films too long these days, except the Harry Potter films which aren't long enough.

Today Emily has been making Christmas cards for Nana, Gramps and Grandad, which are absolutely adorable. We've also been putting the finishing touches to their presents. Normal "education" seems to have gone out of the window this December. Never mind. We've had a very arty crafty few weeks, which must count towards something. Tomorrow morning Emily is going on the traditional Christmas garden centre trip with my Mum and Dad which will hopefully give us time to finish our secret pressie wrapping.

Wish Jon would show signs of being ill, lol. Then he could get it over and done with before next Tuesday!!


Hazel said...

We went to see enchanted today!!!
I thought it was fabulous! ;o)
See you Friday. xxx

Anonymous said...

We liked Enchanted. Hope you feel better soon and hope the chef is up to cooking for you!
Emily looks very pretty in the xmas party pictures in the previous post.