Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Appeal of Trees

Severus and Voldemort have discovered trees. And have spent large parts of the last couple of days climbing them, which has been very cute. At least, it was cute once we (and they) realised that they could get down again. It wasn't quite so cute when Voldy made the perilous first ascent and then clung, miaowing and wobbling alarmingly, to a high branch, looking very lost. *Rolls eyes* They're going out a lot now that Voldemort has finally figured out how to come *in* using the catflap. We've been leaving them out for several hours at a time. Heck, they even went out in the pitch black when I had to get up at 6.30 on Friday morning. They loved that!

Can't remember what we did on Thursday, apart from Emily going to tai chi, but I'm sure it was tremendous. On Friday, Jackie came round for the day with Mei Lin and Jasmine, so the girls had a huge play all day, including much Barbie-ing, hide and seek, drawing, computering and kitten playing. In between all that they also learned a lot about probability, and had fun with dice and coins.

Yesterday Emily played with lego for much of the day, had a huge game of football in the garden with Daddy and started rounding up spare socks for making Barbie clothes out of, lol. She had this book for her birthday, so pretty much everything she can find around the house is fair game!

Today there's been more fashioning, plus Emily's karate lesson. I finished my deadlines early for once and have spent some time planning out the Ancient Greek project we're starting. Jon went to the village library on Friday and came back laden with fantastic books for that. Guess we'll have to get back to swimming tomorrow. I really don't like the hassle of going, but hey, Emily loves it, so swimming we shall go.

Assorted feline photos from the last few days, some in trees......, but starting with a rare photo of our elderly Cassandra aka Cassie-cat (she doesn't like being photographed!) to whom Severus bears the most striking resemblance. She looks exactly like his Mum! Voldemort looks a little different, but we have to keep doing double takes of Cassie and Sev, because apart from the size and Cassie's aged physique, they're identical!

Assorted ones of Voldy, Sev, Romeo and Juliet:

And finally, I love this action shot captured by Emily :-))

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