Monday, January 07, 2008

Freedom for Voldemort and Severus. Well. A Bit.

On Friday last week, the 4th, we had planned to put Severus' and Voldemort's collars on and let them go free. When the morning dawned, though, they still looked so small and young and vulnerable. *sob* Also, they're more manic than Romeo and Juliet were as kittens (and back when Mr Pome and JuJu *were* kittens, I didn't think such a thing would be possible!) so we're worried about them chasing each other into the road. Yet they're desperate to go out.

In the end, we compromised. We put their collars on and took them out into the garden without harness/leads and let them go. BUT we stayed out with them for half an hour, and then took them back inside and re-shut the cat flap. We've been doing that each morning and I think we'll carry on doing that for a while, at least until it seems like spring and gets a bit lighter in the evenings. Sev and Voldy don't like being brought back in (and already are proving hard to "catch" when time's up) but we're concerned for them, so there you go. So far, they haven't gone out of the garden, although I dare say they will, and there will come a point where we lose sight of one or both or they leave the garden before we can prevent it - and then we'll just have to come back in and hope they remember how to use the catflap. *rolls eyes* Cats. Nothing but emotional trauma!!

Anyway. They are impossibly cute out in the garden with their collars on, so here are some piccies. There are more of Severus (green collar tag) than of Voldemort (blue collar tag) because Voldy was being a lot more psycho than Sev Sev was (although they both tear around like crazy things), so getting pictures of him was difficult!

In one of the pictures you can see Severus investigating Merlin's grave. I wonder what Merlin would have made of the babies. I bet he'd have loved them - he took very well to Romeo and Juliet when they were small. Speaking of which, I think Juliet's expression in these two pictures adequately conveys her horror that not only are there irritating small black things in her house and in her garden on leads, now they're even in her garden LOOSE!!

By contrast, Romeo seems to be ever more delighted with the kibbies. The first day we took them out he came running up miaowing with his tail in the air, wanting to join them, then gave Voldemort a lovely kiss. Horribly blurry pictures, but he's so wonderful with them. It was as if he was showing them his favourite places, and playing chase with them, and chasing after twigs with them. He joins us every day in the garden with them now, so I think he's enjoying being able to daddy them, lol!

Meanwhile, in between kibby sitting, Emily and I have been preparing for her Egyptian party on Saturday. I know have a plan in my head and have written and re-written endless lists, so that's all right. We're hand painting and stencilling on huge pieces of cream sheeting to line the walls. It's taking hours!!! Today we've also spray painted the party bags and hand painted each with a guest's name in hieroglyphs, prepared some treasure stones that we'll be needing and worked out templates for a craft activity. I have an absolute ton of stuff still on my lists to do. Who's bright idea was this, again?

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Liza said...

Oh they are adorable!
and colour coded too so i dont mix them up this time ;)
Poor Juliet, there's just no escaping for her!

Good luck with the party prep, Hope Emily has a fabby day.