Sunday, January 22, 2006

All the World's A Stage

And apparently Emily's quite keen to be it. The stage, that is. I'm still looking for a drama club/class round here, so far without success (well, I found one, but didn't think much of it). There's always stagecoach and the like, but they're on a Saturday, and Emily doesn't want to give up her existing ballet lessons on a Saturday. It's a poo being home educated but still having to fit in with the world at large when the world at large is still geared to school timetables.

Anyway. Yesterday Emily spent all day at a combination of ballet and a friend's house, and had an absolutely fantastic time. While she was out, Jon and I battled valiantly against the tide of an ever increasing workload. The tide won, naturally, and we seem to have ended the day with more work to do than when we started. How does that always happen? Went to pick Emily up at half six, just in time to see her, her friend K and all three of K's younger siblings about to put on a karaoke and dance show. Very good they were too ;)

Jon and Emily have gone out shopping this morning, whilst I attempt to meet yet more writing deadlines. Next week we've got something on every day except tomorrow, so there's extra work to be done this weekend as we won't have time later. Tomorrow we've set aside the day to "work" with the astonishing amount of lego, meccano and fisher price technical stuff found in the attic, left over from when my brother and I were kids. That should cover design and technology for the foreseeable future, lol, especially if my plans for making a shadouf, a winding well and a motorised well actually work. At some point next week we also *have* to squeeze in a visit to York and the Yorvik centre. Got free entry tickets via nectar points back in the autumn, but every time we planned to go something came up and stopped us. They expire at the end of January, so come the proverbial hell or high water, we're going next week. But don't quote me on that.

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