Thursday, January 26, 2006

Busy Bees

Another busy day. Emily and Jon went off to their first tai chi class this morning and absolutely loved it. Emily was the only child there, so everyone made lots of fuss of her ;-) which she seemed to rather like....

They came back aching and with lots of instruction sheets for practising the Shaolin Cosmos Chi Gung Patterns which, so I gather, are the warm ups before the main form. Emily was very impressed that she could really feel the tingling Chi as she was focusing and moving, and was bursting to tell me all about it when they got back. As well as introducing the first few steps they spent a lot of time talking about yin, yang, chi and the philosophies behind tai chi - Emily seems to have remembered and retained a massive amount of that information, so we may follow that up with a look at some Eastern type "stuff".....will have to have a think about that. Lovely instructor, teaches all kinds of martial arts and has studied and taught in the business in China too, so he seems to know what he's doing. Emily and Jon are both happily aiming for their first certificate now, so there's another new hobby to add to the list.

Meanwhile, Jon and Emily have also signed up for a ten week art course starting in February on Monday afternoons. It's run by the same artist who is taking the casual sessions at the community centre, so it should be great. It's for adults, but he was keen to have Emily along, so that's all good. It's £45 each but when you consider that's for ten two hour sessions in a very small group, it's pretty good value.

Jon's also signed up for a homeopathy course, so they're going to be very busy bees indeed!

Back at home Emily's done yet more yoga practice, lots of gymnastics, and some English work on making plurals from -y words (sorting out which ones just add s and which ones have to drop the y and add ies) and words ending in a hissing sound (eg witch) that you have to add -es to. She's finding that quite complicated actually, which is a bit surprising given her previous passion for spelling. Still, it's good for her to slow down a little sometimes. Think we'll make some posters with some of the spelling rules and maths strategies on. She's now busy playing on Cluefinders Year 3 Mystery of Mathra which she seems quite taken with. We're waiting for some free time to start playing Nancy Drew & The Curse of Blackmoor Manor - Emily's never tried a Nancy Drew thing before, but I've heard really good things about them, so hopefully she'll enjoy it when we eventually get round to it!

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