Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Stunning Seascape

Today was the second craft session at our community centre; painting. Wow. After two hours of solid concentration, Emily produced this beautiful acrylics on canvas seascape, "Sandy Sea", complete with sea spray, paddlers in the receding broken waves, reflections and a stormy sky:

Think Emily (and Nana, come to that!) definitely got the hang of it more than I did, lol. Our lovely artist/teacher was very, very impressed with Emily, as were the rest of the class. We learnt soooo much. It was pretty difficult, but I guess part of the secret is having the confidence to play with the painting, and to keep changing it until you like the overall effect. Fortunately, we also learnt a lot about how to cover up mistakes, lol. Loved it. I'm so pleased Jon and Emily have signed up for the proper art course with the same guy - I think they'll get so much out of it.

Back from the art class, Emily did lots of maths, and we also worked on verbs and ways to make your writing more interesting. Asked Emily for three alternative verbs to use in the sentence "He walked down the street." She gave me fifteen ;-) This evening she's been off to yoga again. I was slightly worried when I heard her teacher explaining that she was going to be testing the older girls, and that whilst they weren't being tested (and therefore for Emily all the time, since her tests aren't due yet) they would be left to their own devices to do something constructively yoga-related........not that long ago, that would have left Emily in tears if she was unsure what she was supposed to be doing. But nope, she mingled with the others, found out what she could do, played yoga games, practised poses and generally got on with it. Little star; she's growing up a lot, in many different ways.

Yesterday I was out all day with Grandad - doctors in the morning, hospital in the afternoon, so I hardly saw Emily, but she was busy on Cluefinders Year 4 which she loved, doing lots of arty crafty bits, and Jon also taught her (with remarkable success!) how to convert fractions to decimals, how to add fractions which don't have the same common denominator, and how to find equivalent fractions from a long list. Blimey! That's him delegated to do the maths teaching from now on!!

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Nice painting!