Sunday, March 18, 2007

Catnip & Banks

I think Royal Bank of Scotland could do with some catnip pillows. Perhaps then they'd all roll around, drooling, stretching and on such a high that they might treat their customers with some fairness and respect.

Got back from taking Emily to ballet yesterday to discover that despite my Mum and Dad breaking their necks rushing into their branch of Barclays on Friday and paying £20 for the privelege of this same day money transfer......and despite the money appearing in our account at 4pm on Friday, a full hour before close of business.......and despite that money putting us well and truly in credit.........RBS still chose to bounce every item due out of our account on Friday and apply yet another £140 in fees. What the...??? The money was THERE, on the screen, in the account, however you want to put it. It was THERE while the debit items were still listed as to be processed. How can they possibly justify this? It's insane.

Needless to say we saw red. I immediately sent yet another fax and letter (I'm keeping everything in writing, there's just no longer any point whatsoever in actually speaking to these people). We are now seeking compensation for damage to our business reputation and for emotional distress on top of every single penny of these ridiculous, excessive, extortionate, unreasonable and unlawful charges to be refunded. We are going to see this through to the bitter end, no matter how long it takes and whether or not it ends up in court if the Ombudsman can't help. I've never felt so angry about anything business related before.

Anyway. On a pleasanter note, Emily had a good time at ballet and tap. Since there are hardly any lessons for the next three weeks now, there are only a handful more before the exam on the 1st May. Kayleigh's Mum and I finally caught up with one another, having managed to just miss each other every lesson for the last few weeks. We had a good catch up chat while the two girls ran around giggling like the loons they are and critically examined the state of both of our cars, lol. It's amazing what you can find on back seats.

Yesterday afternoon Emily settled down to some more sewing, with some lovely squared cat fabric from ebay and half a ton of lavendar and catnip. She made two lovely lavendar scented little bags for Nana for Mother's Day, along with the purple clay pot she made earlier in the week.
She also made two little catnip pillows for the kit bits (can't interest Cassie Cat in catnip at all). She's going to make lots more for the shelter cats too. Just 'cos it cheers me up, here are some pics of the kit bits going all soppy with their little pillows!

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Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Really sorry to hear you're having such a horrible time with the bank at the mo. Hope it gets sorted quickly.

The cats love the catnip don't they?! Beautiful photos. Elle