Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Daddy's Week, Part One

Jon's in charge of Emily's education all this week and to my dismay it appears to be going rather well ;-))

Yesterday morning they did lots of maths, half an hour in Emily's Just Write book and Emily also produced a beautiful entirely self-directed piece of poetry called "Emotions":

Before lunch, they also squeezed in making pottery vases, which are now waiting to be painted.

After lunch they spent a long time looking at the Stone Age and Emily discovered the games on the BBC History website and had to be physically removed from the site at about 7pm.

Emily was rather ecstatic with the way the day went and told me in no uncertain terms how much she loved Daddy's style of teaching. Presumably they haven't covered tact yet!

Yesterday evening while Jon was out at psychic circle, Emily and I watched the final of Project Catwalk. Wayne was my favourite throughout so I'm chuffed he won. Emily wanted Luke to win but settled grudgingly for Wayne in the end. She's been designing like mad all week on and off in preparation for the final, lol. She particularly liked these designs, and so did we :-)

This morning Jon and Emily did lots more maths and Emily wrote a long interview style story called The Potions Class. Then they started learning Tarot together, rofl. Emily was drawn to the the Tower card in particular and they spent ages discussing the history of tarot and the symbolism of that particular card. Not sure what the LEA would make of that, but since Emily told me chapter and verse about it all this evening she obviously thoroughly enjoyed it! This afternoon, after a brief interlude for Emily to try on her lovely new sparkly leotard and tights for her tap exam, they got back to business doing lots of yoga practice (Jon too!) and with Emily teaching Daddy her tap routines.

This evening I took Emily to yoga where there was much frenzied play practising going on. Emily's going to do a reading at the end of the play of her yoga haiku poems too :-)) She also came out of the lesson rather chuffed to have received a party invitation for her friend Rhiannon's 8th birthday. Since there are apparently going to be 45 kids there and since she won't know a single one of them apart from the birthday girl, I was highly surprised that she's really keen to go, so going she is. Blimey, I certainly wouldn't have wanted to go at her age. We must be doing something right, confidence wise then. I don't even want to go now as an adult, lol, but fortunately Jon's volunteered to take her. Mind you, you have to bear in mind that this is coming from a Mum who was so painfully socially anxious that I never once even met Emily's playgroup teachers or attended her playgroup - Jon did all that on his own, I think everyone thought he was a single Dad :-/ I didn't pluck up the courage to leave the flippin house until she started school, so I am getting ever so slightly better these days. It's a relief to know that my "wouldn't go to that if you paid me" attitude isn't rubbing off on Emily then!

While Jon and Emily have been having fun downstairs, I spent yesterday listing some of our books on ebay here and here (business or personal account depending whether they were bought via the business or not) and I spent today attempting to get my act together with this "hey, we can make a living writing!" malarky. Hmmmphh. It's one thing to say that, it's quite another to put the wheels in motion and needless to say I didn't get very far. It's awfully lonely up here when hubby and daughter are downstairs. Now I know how Jon feels most days!


Liza said...

those pics are great. my fave is the long blue dress with blue gloves and blue high heels :-)

Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Love those drawings, can't decide which is my favourite, they're all brilliant. The poem's brilliant too - very grown up. Well done Emily. Elle

Nikki said...

Thank you Liza and Elle, Emily was chuffed that you liked her designs :-))