Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Emily's Emotions Poem

It wouldn't let me add this to the post below, for some reason, so here it is in its own post instead!

Love is flirting with Happiness,
Fear is hiding under the bed,
Enjoyment is dancing to loud music,
While Sadness is crying in a corner.
Hate is kicking everything he can reach,
Embarassment hides with Fear,
Surprise jumps every time something moves,
Jealousy is sulking.
Pain lies on the bed yelping,
Anger is stomping around,
Melancholy sits with Sadness,
Greed is trying to find the sweets.
Paranoid hides with Embarassment,
Broken-Heartedness mournfully watches Love,
While Boredom just lies on the floor.

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