Thursday, April 19, 2007

Marshmallow Molecules

I think we have finally found where we're at with home ed. Famous last words, I'm sure, but the new "curriculum" really seems to be suiting both Emily and me. We're getting so much more done, and Emily's enthusiastic and into it, so neither of us are bored or wondering what to do next. I'm a happy bunny with the way it's going and it's been several weeks now, which is the longest I've stayed a happy bunny about any style of home ed we've tried so far.

All good. I want to document that feeling so I can look back on it later if and when it all goes pear shaped yet again!

Latin is going fabulously well; we're near the end of Stage 3 in the first book now and Emily's just soaking it up. She especially loves talking latin in the car on the way to somewhere, lol. She seems to have intuitively grasped the grammar so far too, although we've only covered nominative vs accusative case and first/second/third declensions.

On Tuesday morning Emily checked on and watered her tomato seeds, got to grips with long multiplication, did latin, spelling and made a sequinned headband with her sequin thingy. In the afternoon we looked at the second of the Chemistry lessons, which was all about molecules. Again, I learnt more there than I think I ever did in school. The practical task was great fun, and involved making molecules from marshmallows :-)))

Tuesday evening was yoga, with just four girls there for some reason so that was a very intensive lesson. Emily's flexibility is coming on in leaps and bounds just at the moment.

Yesterday there was more latin, more long multiplication and a stab at long division, history looking at the Hittites and the second section of biology, which was an extremely indepth look at the anatomy of cells, and the differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and between animal and plant type cells. Lots of diagram labelling and enthusastic "can we find out what that bit's for?" stuff. We looked at cheek cells and onion cells under the microscope a few weeks ago, but I think I'll try and find some iodine/methylene blue to stain with and we'll do it again now we know what we're looking for.

Yesterday we also took Emily's new glasses back to Asda to ask about the seeing-rainbows-all-around-the-edges-of-her-vision-that-can't-be-right-surely thing. Apparently, this was happening because the top and bottom edges of the lenses had been buffed to a high polish for "cosmetic reasons", so of course any light entering there was being refracted (if that's the right term) hence rainbows. Well, um, OK. Yes, I guess that would do it. So - why were they polished then??? I've checked the numerous pairs of glasses in this household including all of Emily's old ones and none of them have had this polishing the edges malarky. It would, after all, appear to be sensible NOT to polish the edges. The glasses have now been returned and no doubt we'll have to wait another month before they come back in a useable, non rainbow state. And I was so impressed with Asda to begin with. Sigh.

Today Emily and Jon went out to tai chi whilst I struggled vainly in cyberspace trying to fix the fact that has vanished off the face of the earth. It's still gone. I have hopes of tracking it down at some point. We've abandoned OSCommerce and parted with the "designer" who was "helping" us with that; we're going back to good old actinic and a brand new domain name for the shop, which has yet to be uploaded and faffed about with. The main site, however, merely transferred hosting from the least-said-about-the-better designer to a household name company. This happened on Monday. The site was fine yesterday. Today, I have no clue what's happened to it and I can't re-upload it either. I'm so not the right person to be handling this technical stuff.

No "work" as such for Emily today, although she's been extremely busy working anyway, lol. She's been focusing on writing the yoga sequences she has to do for her next test - she's completed the ten pose one and the twenty, but she still has the thirty to do and the meditation to write as well. She's also written me a comprehensive walkthrough for one of the Harry Potter PC games that I got stuck on. It's 8 pages of closely written A4 so far, and counting. It looks every bit as good as any of the ones I could find online, so maybe we should publish it when she's finished!

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