Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Remarkable Week

Jon is now back from the Magic of Mediumship course he attended in Scarborough last week. As life changing moments go, the week was pretty full of them. During the week he exhibited some really pretty extraordinary talents in mediumship, handing out information he couldn't possibly have known about people he'd never met before. The three course tutors were impressed and apparently spent quite a while discussing Jon and his growing abilities and his spiritual energy. During this week Jon has also become aware of people's auras and has returned home with a level of serenity I've never seen in him before :-)) The course ended with individual personal assessments, during which Jon was told in no uncertain terms that he needs to continue down this path.

So, that's pretty much where we're heading. I'm soooo pleased he went ahead with the course despite the spiteful put downs from certain people who are supposed to care about him. It's as if everything has a new and rather wonderful perspective now. We have on going business worries etc but they're starting to become pretty unimportant in the scheme of things. There's a huge amount of personal and spiritual growth going on and I think it's all rather amazing and fantastic :-)))

Emily and I have been "home alone" all week without Jon, missing him terribly but loving the phone calls. Emily has been an absolute star and more or less completely took over the business of pulling out orders to be packed. She was pulling out well over 50 items a day, faultlessly and tirelessly, which considering our stock is scattered pretty much throughout the house in fairly random order (!!) is quite some achievement for a littl'un. We didn't do any "work" this last week education wise, as I was so busy trying to keep up with the daily business running which Jon normally takes care of - but I reckon Emily learnt a lot about commerce, if nothing else! She was wonderful company and we did find time for lots and lots of pretends.

It's Emily's karate grading tomorrow - it was supposed to be last Sunday, but George put it off a week especially for Emily, bless him, as last Sunday we were up in Scarborough all day dropping Jon off. It's also Emily's tap exam next week. Things have rather come to a head with the dance lessons; I think I've mentioned before that she hasn't been happy there for quite a while now, but Friday and today were the last straw.

Yesterday my Mum and Dad took Emily to her lesson as I couldn't get there - Emily and all the other children who dared to make a mistake during the set dance were sent out into the waiting room for most of the lesson!! Is that what we're paying for?? This was after Emily had been belittled by the teacher and reduced to tears after being made to do the same move over and over again. The teacher is apparently too stupid to realise that with some (most?) children, forcing them to do something over and over again in an increasing state of nerves and tension, in front of everyone else, whilst alternately making sarcastic comments or yelling at them, is not likely to help them get it right. I know the kids have to be taught and they have to be shown how to get it right, but that woman's attitude is just going beyond. She has no clue how to handle children respectfully or kindly, especially the more sensitive ones. This morning, the other teacher announced in front of all the children and parents at the end of the lesson that Emily, her friend Kayleigh and one other child would have to stay behind at the end of the lesson because they just couldn't get a particular step right. This again after a whole lesson of being belittled and wound up. Emily didn't want to stay. Nor did Kayleigh. The four of us walked out.

Emily will do the exam (because she wants to, having worked so hard for it), and she'll return for the following two weekend lessons (only because we have arrangements in force for picking up/dropping off Kayleigh to play). Then that's it. We've had enough. I'm extremely sure we can find something to do on a Saturday morning that's actually *fun*. If we wanted our daughter bullied by teachers, made to feel two inches high and turned into a nervous wreck, we'd send her to school!

On a lighter note: my Dad found this great site: Archimedes Puzzle Lab. Really fun stuff there. It took me AGES to figure out how this trick is done, but I was quite pleased with myself when I got there in the end!


Anonymous said...

that dance teacher sounds horrid :(
hugs for emily xxx

Jules said...

I am so sorry to hear about the dance teacher problems, that treatment is horrendous!

Hugs to you both.

Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Yes, I too am really sorry to hear about the hassle you've all gone through with the dancing. No one should be talked to and treated like that, it's terrible. Elle