Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Trip to the Ballet

Tuesday was another good work day for Emily. She whizzed through maths, English and Latin and we spent the afternoon looking at Mesopotamia and the Sumerian civilisation in history, finding out about cuneiforms and ziggurats, with lots of pictures being drawn too. Got back upstairs late afternoon to hear Hazel's Extremely Exciting News :-)) so that was lovely.

Yesterday, Emily went with my Mum and Dad to see the Swan Lake ballet in Grimsby, which enthralled her, so she couldn't stop dancing when she got home, lol. I had been due to take Emily, but what with one thing and another it just wasn't possible, so we're pleased that Nana and Gramps were able to step into the breach.

Emily and Daddy have gone off to tai chi this morning as normal and we're off to an extra tap lesson this afternoon. Emily's cold has developed into a cough, which is always a bad sign, but hopefully she'll shake it off in time to enjoy her Easter.

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