Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Sea of Scrolls

Some (!) of the 50 odd scrolls Emily's written in the last couple of weeks since Tudor mania really took hold. There's all sorts here - love letters from Henry to Anne Boleyn, letters to the Pope, letters from the Pope, letters between wives, death warrants (nice), physician's cures for all kinds of stuff... you name it, it's been scrolled. And that's not counting the dozen or so more Egyptian ones I found lurking around. Come to think of it, this must be why I can never find any hair bands when I need one...

Not that much to report today, really. Jon and I have been very busy with work, and I've been very busy being prodded about and made to heavily bleed (too much information, I know) by the most incompetent doctor on the planet. Emily's busied herself creating a new Catz empire, and yes, you've guessed it, writing some more scrolls.

Another load of new books arrived from the wholesaler today, including the short books William Shakespeare one, Into the Unknown (story of explorers John & Sebastian Cabot) and Tudor Exploration - having access to all this stuff at wholesale prices is a bit of a mixed blessing, really. It certainly tempts us to spend waaaay more than we would otherwise, but at least when Emily has a fascination like this she avidly devours everything we offer her, so I guess it's value for money in that sense.

The "apology package" from Short Books turned up the other day - they sent us a pack of books by way of apology after I'd complained to the Times that they couldn't/wouldn't answer a simple question about their Great Young Historians Competition (which the Times is jointly running). I'm not normally a complainer, but that really annoyed me as Emily was so keen to enter it and I needed to know whether she was allowed to type her entry or whether it had to be hand-written. Anyway....unfortunately the books they sent us we mostly already had....but it was a nice gesture.

Must get back to doing Italian with Emily. We started off really well a couple of months ago, and I was very impressed with how quickly she picked it up, but the pack we were using was v.v.v.v.v.v. boring and I let it slide, thinking I'd soon be able to put together some more interesting activities....and then promptly forgot. She's been asking to get back to it, so I'll have to think of something quick! I'd love to get the Rosetta Stone software, but I'm not sure we can justify spending nearly £250 quid on it at this stage, lol. She also wants to learn other languages (I speak 6, 7 at a push) but I think we'll stick to one for the time being!


Sarah said...

Stoppit, stoppit, stoppit!!! *hands over eyes ignoring all the education*

Sorry about the prodding, I agree, it is horrible. I ended up taking the girls with me to my recent smear test, now *that* was educational for them! Anyway, hope that despite the incompetent doctor you are okay now.

Little Minx said...

I'm hiding this blog :-)