Thursday, June 30, 2005

Unidentified Bug!

This evening, Jon and Emily found this little critter on our pea plants. It was more purple in colour than it looks in the photo; it had six distinct black legs and moved pretty fast, and there were several of them scattered around the plants. We can't identify it from any of our bug books - any bright ideas?

Spent a hectic morning tearing around from one place to another - nowhere all that exotic, but opticians (new glasses for Emily), library (where she scorned the library lady's offer of a French tape and told her she wanted to learn Arabic instead), doctors (again) and shops is about my limit for a day.

Another deadline has been unexpectedly dropped on us from a great height, so this afternoon it was busy, busy, busy. We had been supposed to be going swimming, but as is the way with this self-employed lark, social events have to be, um, "flexible", and that particular outing has flexied its way right into next week.

Not that Emily seemed to mind, as she seized on the chance to make a pomander, which she's been wanting to do for days. Got some more Shakespeare tapes from the library too, so she's as happy as Mistress Boleyn was in her post-nuptial, pre-Tower or London days. Apparently.

I'm sure lots of other noteworthy things happened today, but my mind's gone blank, so.... that's all folks!


Sarah said...

Isn't it a ladybird larva? (Squints at screen and takes a wild guess!)

Nikki said...

Oh yes! Thanks for that, just went and googled for some pictures of ladybird larva and you're exactly right. Well, I had no idea! And it wasn't in any of the books, grrrr.

Sarah said...

kwym about the self employed flexi thing - how often things get flexied further away here, too.

the pomander looks fab :)