Monday, June 20, 2005

Swimming - Getting There!

Spent a lovely afternoon at the swimming pool with Romy and Hazel today. Aside from being mightily impressed with Romy's excellent swimming, I was really pleased with Emily too. She was swimming quite fast with the noodle-thingies, practicing glides (I'll swear there was at least one with a real swim stroke in it) and panicking much less than she would normally have done when she accidentally fell of a giant float and went under. We're definitely making progress, slowly but surely. We'll get there.

Emily spent most of the morning making herself a word list from various Tudor books so she can carry on her passion for writing letters and scrolls in character without having to keep asking for spellings. Not that we ever mind or comment when things are spelt wrong, but she's a little perfectionist.

Off to work out how to make a fruit flan now. It's Grandad's birthday tomorrow, and we don't normally make him a cake since his diabetes is quite erratic; with a fruity thing we can kid ourselves it's slight healthier!

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