Friday, November 03, 2006

I Used To Fit Into This!

Just a couple of pictures of a rather thrilled to bits Emily in an old, sparkly cocktail dress of mine. It's a size 12.....rofl....those were the days! Had this when I was 20 and duty manager of a huge Heathrow hotel; it came in useful at all the various glitzy functions I managed to get bored stiff at in an official capacity. Except I wore it minus the old Disney Princess badge that's holding it up on Emily's shoulders. Discovered it at the back of the wardrobe and it's made someone a very happy little bunny - apparently it's the perfect Yule Ball Gown and she's always wanted one with floaty chiffon wrap pieces instead of sleeves ;-))

Went swimming this afternoon and Emily was a true star. She can swim half a width on her own now but only if she's coming to me, she won't swim away from me or to the wall. Have taken her off the various swimming lesson waiting lists anyway as she's absolutely adamant she doesn't want swimming lessons. She got quite distressed at the thought of lessons the other day and it dawned on me that really the main reason I wanted her to have lessons was because everyone else seems to be having them....which isn't really much of a reason. We'll just carry on having fun and to hell with whether we're "getting anywhere" or not. Swimming is a useful life skill indeed and if we lived near the sea or had a boat or whatever then obviously it would be more of an issue, but quite frankly it's incredibly unlikely she's going to get herself into a life or death swimming situation since she knows her limitations. We won't be pushing her into something that quite plainly she doesn't want to do. Guess it will look odd to some if she gets much older and still can't swim but hey, I'm done with the whole keeping up with the Jones' lark. I was a lot older than Emily is now when I finally learnt to swim and I consider myself a very good swimmer now, so there's hope for her yet, bless her. Jon can't swim and he's promised her that if she ever gets old enough that it bothers her not to be able to do it yet, he'll learn with her.

Bought some great fireworks from Tesco's Buy One Get One Free thingy too. Haven't heard many so far - they usually go potty round here for at least ten days beforehand so that's unusual.


Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Lovely photos. Don't worry about the swimming thing. We signed K up for lessons but we haven't heard a thing back about it. In the meantime, she's taught herself to do a width on her own and even managed a whole length of the baby pool unaided. I find if mine are determined enough, they'll do it by themselves however long it takes!

Had fireworks tonight - some where the Tesco buy 1 get 1 free - brilliant - had a fab time. Elle

Alison said...

She looks lovely in her gown :)

Allie said...

We haven't bothered with any lessons for our L and he is picking it up fine.

We did a few lessons with P but they were a rip off really - lots of ploughing up and down and no real individual attention. I think if kids are really into swimming then lessons might be useful at some point but I think it is another of those things that we have been led to believe have to be 'taught' by 'experts'.