Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tickets & Tumblestones

Forgot a few things in the last post - mind like a seive at the moment. Well, more like a seasonal cauldron, really, since I'm seethingly angry about something just now.


Yesterday my Mum and Dad got back from the caravan and brought with them 2kg of rough, untumbled gemstones they'd bought on the way. Emily was thrilled to bits and she and Gramps spent a happy hour examining them last night with magnifying glasses, identifying them, streak testing them and sorting them out ready to tumble. There are some really unusual ones in there, including some we've never had before such as red hematite, limonite and kunzite as well as a huge piece of malachite, lots of aventurine, blue lace agate, rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst, jade, aventurine, carnelian, sodalite etc etc and my personal current favourite, a beautiful piece of rutilated quartz.

Tickets arrived today for two treats I've booked for us in the New Year - a trip to see Shakespeare for Kids perform Midsummer Night's Dream (Emily LOVED their Romeo and Juliet last year) and later in March a trip to see Swan Lake ballet. Both ages away but very exciting!

More ballet today; there are extra rehearsals for the next two Sundays before the exam which unfortunately means Emily will have to miss karate for the next two Sundays, which she's not very pleased about. On the plus side, we've been told they're doing a tap exam in March which she is VERY pleased about, so win some, lose some in that respect! Tomorrow we're off swimming and out to buy some fireworks. We were going to invite some people round but we've decided we'd rather have a quiet (Ha! Or not so quiet!) family fireworks evening in the garden instead :-))

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