Saturday, November 18, 2006

Webkinz & Wonderful Day Out

This week's flown by, it can't be Saturday already!

Grandad came home from Canada on Wednesday and Uncle D & Aunty B enjoyed the four giant pizzas we made. Grandad brought Emily some fabulous pressies home with him, including a gorgeously huge kitten throw/snuggle and a Webkinz Pet which has really captured Emily's attention, lol.

I'd never heard of Webkinz, but it looks very good - a virtual pet world, a bit like neopets. Each of the cuddly toys comes with a secret code so you then get to adopt the pet online. Emily's is a black and white kitten she's named Sparkle. Last I looked, she was busy buying clothes and furniture for it ;-)

On Thursday Emily was busy all day with tai chi in the morning and ballet in the afternoon. Well, there wasn't much ballet in ballet, actually, since they're now concentrating on tap ready for the tap exam, but they did do some character dancing which Emily's rather thrilled about. She also had a lovely surprise on Thursday - her Polish friend Kate brought her some beautiful hair accessories as a gift. Kate and her mum were supposed to be coming to play last Monday but they lost our address and phone number, got hopelessly lost and couldn't let us know, so the little gift was to say sorry for not having been able to come. They're coming in a few days time instead and this morning Emily had fun looking up the polish for thank you to write in a card to Kate. It's quite weird listening to Kate's family talking in Polish, in the sense that I'm not used to hearing a language I can't make head nor tail of, lol. I speak Italian, French, German and Spanish with some Japanese and Arabic, so I can understand most romance and germanic based languages even if I don't speak them myself, but I've no grounding at all in any of the slavic languages so I'm completely stuck on Polish!

Yesterday Emily went out for the day with my Mum and Dad. They visited the National Fishing Heritage Centre in Grimsby and had lunch there, then went on to Cleethorpes for a very wet walk on the beach and lots of 2p amusements, then on to the big garden centre in Brigg to mooch around their winter wonderland and have tea. Gramps took some fab photos which I'll add later. Nana & Gramps treated Emily to some gorgeous souvenir ornaments - that girl needs another ornament/special things shelf - the six she already has don't appear to be enough!!

Today it was more tap this morning and this afternoon Emily and Jon have gone out to watch football. Tomorrow is karate again, after Emily had to miss the last two lessons due to ballet rehearsals.

We've got a busy run up to Christmas - found out this morning that there are more extra ballet/tap lessons scheduled and we've got lots and lots of health appointments for Grandad on the way apart from all of Emily's normal weekly activities. Plus during the next four weeks we need to fit in a visit to York before Christmas, Emily's going to the Christmas Flamingoland opening with Nana & Gramps, and with friends to the Sundown Adventureland Christmas spectacular, going iceskating, cinema visit, having friends round for Christmas crafts and general playtimes, possibly starting Girl's Brigade, there's a Magna Science Centre visit planned, yoga display, two Christmas parties, the ususal pre-Xmas mad business rush and assorted other things to remember. Just looked at the calendar wondering when we get space to breathe let alone educate! Last year we had quite a sedate December in comparison. Or maybe I'm just getting older!


Jax said...

I like the look of the webkinz toy, but doesn't look like they've reached this country though.

Nikki said...

Hi Jax,
No, I haven't seen webkinz for sale over here anywhere. I went looking for another one to buy for Emily but could only find them on ebay in the US and various shops in the US that had extortionate delivery prices :-//