Thursday, December 28, 2006

Flowers & A Garden

Emily's had a very creative day today. She loves playing with her dolls house (which was mine when I was small) but it doesn't have a garden - so one of her Christmas presents was a DIY dolls house garden kit which she was very pleased with. This morning we dug out a big polystyrene square for the base, ordinary glue and the hot glue gun and away she went:

A couple of hours later she had created this beautiful garden complete with pond, very detailed rockery with waterfall, a fountain, fencing and hedges, dovecote and trees, a path to the shed etc. She's very proud of it and so are we!

Emily's extremely adept with the hot glue gun these days and can quite happily be left alone to use it. Her practical skills are coming on fast in all areas. She has loads of the garden kit left over so she thinks she might make another different garden sometime soon and swap them around as she feels like it, or she might keep the stuff and build a polystyrene dragon land to go with some of her little dragons.

Later on today a flower delivery arrived for Grandad from his other grandchildren; he very kindly asked if Emily would like to arrange the flowers for him, so she came up with these two lovely baskets of flowers, greenery and pine cones:
We've also had fun today playing with a finger chopper magic trick from Emily's stocking and with a Da Vinci Code number code game. Emily has also been playing with the Barbie/12 Dancing Princesses PC game and various other bits and bobs. As well as the completed dolls house garden, of course!

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