Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pure Magic

We've had a magical afternoon and evening at Sundown Adventureland today. Emily's been several times before but never at Christmas time and it really was rather special. Mind you, between us Janette and I managed to get lost both on the way there AND the way back, which is a new record, lol. Maisie brought a collection of drawings with her to give to Emily on which she'd written all about how much she misses Emily, awwww, bless her :-)

It was very, very busy when we first arrived at Sundown but by around 5pm the crowds had started to thin out and the place was looking very pretty indeed with all the lights twinkling and the festive entertainers wandering about. Emily and Maisie giggled non stop and exhausted themselves completely with all the excitement and running around. Little collection of photos:
The girls on the horses near the entrance....traditional photo this one, lol, we've got one of Emily on this horse for every time she's been there!

In one of the wild west wagons.....

....and Cinderella's Pumpkin Carriage.

Two very beautiful "Ugly Sisters" who were much amused by the fact that everyone thought they were sisters anyway!

Performing on the stage in Lollipop Castle.....

.....and eating up the Three Bears' Porridge......

....before being caught by not one but two wicked witches!

The ticket at this time of year includes a visit to various Christmas characters and a pressie - Emily was thrilled to little bits and pieces to find the Snow Queen was there so we visited her in her beautiful ice grotto and Emily chose to get her present from there. Later on we visited Father Christmas in his house, too, for Maisie to get her present and for both girls to tell him what they'd like. He rather rashly promised them both they'd get what they asked for if they were kind and nice....

It was lovely because by that time the park was almost emtpy so the extreeeeeemly long queue there had been when we arrived was down to nothing, and the Snow Queen had finished in her grotto and came out to wave at the girls as they waited to see Santa.

We finally left after raiding the shop for some of their delicious Jaffa Cake fudge and a few goodies from the gift shop. Think we were about the last to go, it certainly seemed deserted by then. We went on the train ride, tractor ride (with its infamous song) and sleigh ride (several times!) but unfortunately the water barrel ride was closed. Never mind - a fabulous time was had by all and the girls entertained themselves on the way home by having a sock competition, spotting Christmas lights and playing their own unique version of I-Spy. Brilliant fun, the perfect tonic!

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Jax said...

We've been there a couple of times, rather nice at this time of year.