Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merlin Update - VERY Good News!

Have already posted for today, but must just add this bit about Merlin. Vet rang late this afternoon with the results of his biopsy samples. He does NOT have lymphatic cancer, which we had thought it looked like after too much google research (sigh) and which the vet admitted today had been where she was headed too. There were no traces of anything cancerous in any of his samples. What he does have, apparently, is Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which can be fatal if left untreated but which in Merlin's case, since he otherwise appears so healthy for his age, they're confident can be fully treated and kept under control. :-)))))))

I'm taking him to the vets tomorrow to have his stitches out and whilst there I have to pick up a whole load of "stuff" for him. The treatment initially is going to be a hypo allergenic prescription diet, steroids, a particular type of antibiotic (not quite sure why that one, she lost me a bit there, will have to ask again) and extra strength worming medication just to make doubly sure it's not a parasitic cause (although he has been wormed regularly). For the time being, he has to have the prescription food and absolutely NOTHING else at all, not even a bite of anything, while they try to isolate what's caused all the problems. The vet wants to see him again in a week's time to see how the prescription food is affecting him, and they'll take it from there with regular tests. Apparently - fingers crossed - the improvement should be fairly dramatic and with careful management Merlin should get rapidly back to his old self. It's going to be a real struggle, food-wise, to keep him away from everything else edible for a prolonged period of time - it's not easy in a house with three other cats!! - but we've got to do it, so do it we will.

Anyway. Fantastic news for Merlin, bless his heart. Emily's sooooo pleased!

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Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

What wonderful news, thanks for keeping us posted! Elle