Saturday, December 02, 2006

Gentle Nudges in the Right Direction

Woooo, it's December!! Just as well, I think, since if Emily had had her way we'd have had the Christmas tree up since at least Halloween ;-) She's enjoying taking every possible opportunity to wear tinsel.

It seems that "something" is nudging us as a family in a particular direction just recently. Well, not that recently...since August, really. Various not very nice things have happened to us both on a business and personal level and it's been a more traumatic five months than I can remember for a very long time. But for all that's gone wrong and been horrible, we're starting to see reasons for it all, as if certain things were "meant" to happen. It's very comforting how things seem to be fitting into place now; how isolated, unconnected things seem to be leading us down the same path, probably for the same reason. There have been personal niggles and bumps, but in particular our business has been to the brink and (just about) back which has been an awful, dreadful experience, but we've got through it and we can see light at the end of the tunnel now and a new, fresh direction. Which probably doesn't mean anything to anyone not aware of the ins and outs of our circumstances, but it really is very noticeable how things are stacking up at the moment.

At karate last Sunday, George's wife asked Jon to join her pyschic circle every Monday evening. She spent ages talking to him, saying that she sensed a reason why he'd met George and why their paths had crossed and that he was being pushed to develop his talents further in that direction. He duly went along on Monday night (didn't get back until midnight, lol) and drew some psychic art, met both a negative entity and a spirit child and was even asked to do a tarot reading for one of the guests!! He found that part hard, since he's fairly sceptical about tarot and had never done a reading before, but his intuition seemed fairly spot on. There are another couple of meetings before the Christmas break and that's definitely an area of his life that Jon will be investigating a LOT further.

Oh, yes, and Jon's also going to be Father Christmas at the big martial arts Christmas party, ROFL!! Emily's sworn to secrecy ;-))

Had a proud Mummy moment at yoga on Tuesday night. Their next yoga test will be after Christmas when, since Emily will be 8 by then, she was going to stop doing Yoga Bugs (she's now level six of that) and start again on level one of the Yoga'd Up scheme, which you have to be 8 to do. Her teacher told us, though, that she thought Emily would be bored with just that and will find the first four or five levels of Yoga'd Up very easy as she's got such an aptitude for it, so she's going to carry on with Yoga Bugs AND do Yoga'd Up at the same time, taking two tests each time instead of just the one. This is fantastic, because it would be a shame for her to miss out on the rest of the Yoga Bugs levels where she gets to work on the more advanced poses and design her own vinyassas and so on. She was very chuffed at this vote of confidence, as were we :-))

Yesterday Emily and I braved the town centre since it was market day. We were looking for pressies to buy, but failed woefully on that score, although we did get lots of good pressies and treats for the cats' stockings, so at least they'll be alright! Whilst out though we were stopped by a truancy patrol. Had to happen sooner or later, I guess. Although it could have happened in a better place than the middle of the crowded market where people had to squeeze past us and the burly policeman. Even Emily, normally happily oblivious to such things, noticed that everyone was looking at us :-// The lady with the clipboard was fine when I said Emily was home educated, so it wasn't that it was handled badly or anything - just the embarrassment factor!

Yesterday was also the first of December, of course, so the advent fairy visited. so did the attic fairy (waves at Gramps). And naturally, once all the Christmas stuff was down from the attic.....well, temptation was too much. We now have a Christmas tree up in the dining room. Mind you, this morning I found it had been well and truly Ju-Ju'd with branches, tinsel and baubles all over the floor and little Juliet, presumably worn out, fast asleep under it. Sigh. It's going to be a long month. We normally have a tree in our upstairs sitting room too but we had to throw that one away last year as it had been catted to the point of no return, bless the little furry things. Bowed to the inevitable and ordered a new one from Argos, though. That's coming on Monday so someone will be busy decorating again. And certain small furry things will no doubt be interested to hear that.

My Mum and Dad took Merlin to the vets on Monday morning because I was out with Grandad; they had to bring him straight home again, mind you, because nobody had told us that he wasn't supposed to eat or drink for 12 hours before this liver test. Oh well. I took him back on Tuesday morning and picked him up in the afternoon looking rather bloodied and sorry for himself, but he's fine now. Well, as fine as Merlin gets these days, which isn't very. We await the results.

Work wise Emily's been very self directed this week. She's arty-crafted for England, making a huge mass of Christmas decorations and she's even made a set of 24 little presents which she's wrapped up, numbered and hung on her little white twig tree in her bedroom to be an advent calendar for me and Daddy :-)) She's designed, written and illustrated a complete "Dark Arts Christmas Catalogue" full of Voldemort mugs, Dark Mark t-shirts, books like "Famous Deatheaters Of Our Time" and Dark Mark jewellery. Oh yes, the grip of Mr Potter and friends shows absolutely no sign of lessening (bit of a relief considering half her Christmas/Birthday pressies are on that theme, lol!) After looking at and discussing the features of charity newspaper adverts, she's designed her own charity advert requesting funds to repair Hogwarts' North Tower which is apparently putting the students in grave peril ;-)

Emily has also done two maths tests (?? don't ask me why), lots of reading, lots of playing with friends at ballet and yoga and lots of tai chi practice.

More karate tomorrow morning then we're off to Sundown Adventureland with friends tomorrow afternoon and evening; can't wait. Weather forecast is for heavy rain and strong winds, mind you, so we may well be rather bedraggled by the time we get back! We were due to go to York next week but we've put that off as Emily's been invited out on that day; she is still going to Flamingoland with my Mum and Dad next week though. And it's so nice to feel positive again!


Mrs. Darling said...

I hate it when things feel out of control. Sorry things are stacking up like they are for you. Take care.

Elle at Ellesfuntimes said...

Do hope things sort themselves out soon - perhaps 2007 will be a better year. Hope results for Merlin will mean he'll soon be on the mend. Elle

Nikki said...

Thank you both :-) Yes, I think 2007 is going to be a rather good year, actually. It's amazing how life turns itself round sometimes - we're coming out from a tough period now but I think it's going to be just fine and dandy after all :-))