Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Project (Barbie) Catwalk!

Hmmm - things education wise are going pretty swimmingly at the moment. I'm sure something or someone will turn up to bite us on the bum soon, but for now...

Had another good day today. Emily hand blended her first two perfumes this morning, named them and designed bottles for them (alas on paper only, not having access to a glass blowing works). She's really loving that, and is keeping detailed formula notes too. She also whizzed through spelling and maths with ease.

This afternoon we've spent a happy few hours designing and stitching dolls' outfits, using the huge box of material scraps and trimmings that Emily had for her birthday, plus a load of her old dressing up clothes which she's sacrificing so we can use the net and lovely shiny stuff..... you can see how much she loves the fashion designing if she's giving up old dressing up clothes to do it....these are the same clothes that have prompted tears in the past just at the thought of putting them in the attic, let alone cutting them up!

Emily and I both designed and made two outfits, and then we filmed each other's dolls doing a catwalk show with a hilarious commentary; we also had fun being the Project Catwalk judges - although we both have a soft spot for the lovely Tim Gunn, the designers' mentor on the US Project Runway version of the show, so there were lots of American accents and lots of "make it work!"

These are Emily's two outfits: Purple Dream and Magnificent Mermaid, followed by my two, Orange Outrage and Funeral Fiesta (!):

Busy day tomorrow; I have an extra commission from the Press Agency to write in the morning while Jon and Emily are out at tai chi, then Jon and I are off to see Derren Brown in Grimsby - really looking forward to that!


Lynn said...

Hi Nikki,
not too sure if I have commented here before but I have followed your story for a long time.I have a Blog award to pass on and if you pop over to mine you can pick it up if you would like.xx

Elle said...

Glad all is going so well. Elle

Nikki said...

Thank you Elle and Lynn. Lynn, that's lovely - thank you very much! I don't know how to get it over into my sidebar, though. But I'll try and figure it out.

Lynn said...

I think I right clicked on the image and then went to save as and saved it to my pictures then added it via a page element add a picture.
Hope that works:-) Feel free to pass it on to ten others or not as you see fit.xx