Sunday, March 02, 2008

(Proud) Mother's Day

My amazing little girl made me cry this morning with the effort she'd gone to in making me Mothers Day cards and little pressies. Top of the list was a beautiful "Black Magic" magazine that she'd designed, written and printed herself, to go with the mini box of Black Magic choccies she and Daddy bought for me. The magazine featured our three black cats (Romeo and JuJu to follow in a future issue, lol) and another feature about magical colours.

Emily also made me two beautiful cards plus a certificate of love :-)) She's such an enchanting daughter; we're so lucky and so very proud of her :-))

Last night we went to some friends' Ruby Wedding Anniversary Party; I was very proud of Emily there, too. There were 70 odd guests, of whom we only knew perhaps half a dozen, but Emily had a ball, talking confidently, playing happily with her friends, dancing, answering the door to guests and even ordering her own drinks at the bar! Quite something, given how quiet and sometimes unconfident she can be. She's come a long way. In fact, she did better than me!

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HelenHaricot said...

sounds absolutely fantastic