Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Week Off

We've spent most of the week playing, tidying and thinking deeply about where my and Jon's "careers" are heading, where Emily's education is heading and where we as a family want to end up.

On Monday evening we all went to Jacki's for psychic circle as normal, where Emily and Jacki's kids spent most of the evening drawing. We grown ups did some meditations and some pendulum dowsing, which was fun.

On Wednesday afternoon Emily made some scrummy vegan fairy cakes (replace half the water with fruit juice) in honour of Romy, who we went to pick up that evening for a sleepover at our house, which seemed to go quite well. Lots of fimo-ing, paper doll-ing, makeovers and face paints and a midnight feast on the dot of midnight, which they enjoyed while playing our very old "Masterpieces" art game. I'd already planned to stay up all night working in any case, so I wasn't fussed that the girls were still up and playing at 2.45am; when I went to settle them down at that point they seemed sleepy and were lying in bed looking promisingly like going to sleep, then I didn't hear another peep out of them until 7am. However, all was not as it seemed, lol. Turns out they had actually stayed up **all night**, without a wink of sleep, playing word and story games, drawing and playing with dolls. Okkkayy. They were both still bright and breezy for breakfast, but lack of sleep started to set in after that, lol. Romy fell asleep on our settee for forty minutes or so, so it seemed like time to go home!

Emily still seemed wide awake for most of the rest of Thursday, although I slept on and off during the day. She finally conked out at about 4pm and slept for a few hours - waking up in an absolute panic because she thought it was Friday morning and that our friends were due to arrive any second and she was still too tired to play!

On Friday morning (fortunately after a full night's sleep for Emily, lol) Jacki, Mei Lin and Jasmine came round and stayed for a day of egg blowing and dyeing and polystyrene egg decorating. Oh, and trampolining. Which was quite something considering Emily hasn't been on the trampoline since approximately July last year, since it's covered in spiders.

Jon has his endoscopy at the hospital tomorrow, so that's not exactly something to look forward to. Meanwhile, we're waiting to hear back from the press agency about a potentially huge (for us, anyway - thousands per month) new contract that one of my existing clients has asked me to do. It would make a massive difference to us financially, although it is something I don't really want to do......but then again, for that money, I'm quite capable of gritting my teeth and bearing it. The quote I gave was possibly on the high side, so we may not get the job, but it was the minimum I'm prepared to do the work for, so we shall see. Whether or not we do get the go ahead for that contract, our financial pressures are set to ease off in April, so hopefully this will be the last month in which even finding cash for a loaf of bread from the village shop has been a struggle!

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