Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friends, Accidents & A New Colour Scheme

An eventful few days! We've had three accidents in three days, for a start. First of all, Emily hurt her neck on the trampoline late on Thursday. :-( On Friday, Voldemort got his paw/claws completely tangled in the trampoline netting, couldn't get himself out and was twisting his paw and shoulder horribly and screaming in pain :-( Jon dashed to rescue him with scissors to cut him free, but he finally managed to free himself just as Jon got there. He was quite shaky afterwards; I think it must have hurt a lot. Here he is curled up with brother Severus shortly afterwards; Sevvy was so affectionate and loving towards him, bless him.Then today, Emily missed her footing climbing on to the trampoline and ended up with a very, very long and painful scrape right down her thigh, which drew blood and has turned a most fetching shade of purple :-(

Being in the wars aside, we've had a nicely sociable few days. A friend and her daughter and enchantingly gorgeous baby boy came to see us on Thursday and the two girls seemed to have a very lovely play, while we had a very interesting chat. On Friday Jacki and her girls plus Natalie arrived for the day amid the usual fun'n'frolics, with much trampolining and play-writing. Jacki's been extremely ill recently and was waiting for a final diagnosis at an appointment late on Friday afternoon, so we adults were rather on tenterhooks about that; she rang us as soon as she got home from the appointment though with the somewhat fabulous news that although her condition is serious, it's entirely treatable :-)))

Today I've been working away at ebay while Jon has been busy in the garden, planting some trees, loads of flowers, putting together an archway and sorting out some hanging baskets. Emily, bless her heart, has spent all day (apart from the traumatic trampoline incident...) working on props for the play she's writing for herself, Mei Lin and Jasmine. She's made three lots of cat tails, three sets of ears on headbands and a huge tree to be the sky oak which features in her scenes. Next Friday when it's our turn to go to Jacki's, the three girls are all going to act out each other's plays, and I'll video them. Much excitement about that, lol. Here's the playwright at work.
This evening we've finally got to grips with our plans for redecorating our main bedroom. Tomorrow, after Emily's karate grading, we're off out to buy the paint, new lampshades, bedside tables, some wall hangings, fabric to make new curtains, etc. We're dedicating Mon/Tues/Weds next week to finally getting it all done. We've started peeling off little bits of wallpaper; it's quite alarming how "clean" the bit underneath the adhesive border was compared to the rest of the wall!! The bright/clean purple/green strip in the middle is what was underneath the border, the yukky green wallpaper and mucky purple paint effect is what we were living with. Ahem. Mind you, it is ten years since I originally decorated it, when I moved up here and Jon was still in Berkshire having to work out his notice.
We've also been writing all over the wallpaper. As you do. We're going to go for cream walls, but with blocks of rich red and purple, with the soft furnishings/accessories also in reds and purples. The alcove that is currently a huge wardrobey area will become Jon's little spiritual retreat place and we're looking forward to ripping up the carpet and enjoying the bare floorboards, moving all the furniture around and generally making it feel like new. We desperately need a new bed, but the budget won't stretch that far this month, so we'll have to wait until the end of May for that.

The joint factors of disruption/chaos/expense have seen us put off this decorating for months now, but it's finally happening, lol. Can't wait now!

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Sarahs Home said...

It is nice that Emily has an interest in writing plays and acting them out.
My daughter is the same age as Emily but attends the dreaded school (bleurgh!!!) her Teacher said that he story writing is monotone and she needs to write more about Fairys and make believe stuff. She apparently writes too much about real life stuff and although the quality of her work, spellings and grammer is excellent she will be down graded in YR6 for not writing more make believe stuff. How I wish I had heard of HE before I sent her to school.
Sarah x