Saturday, April 05, 2008

Runes and Pendulums

I'm a bit behind here, again. Not much point trying to recap on everything that's happened since my last post, and I'd never remember it all anway, but in some edited "highlights":

  • Emily did lots of encaustic wax painting, as chosen from "the list".

  • Microscope work was also chosen from the list, so we spent an afternoon finding out how microscopes work and examining all kinds of bits and bobs. Our one was finally classed as pretty useless, so we resorted to using Gramps' very old, very posh one. It's a beautiful item, all sealed away in its purpose solid wooden cabinet, complete with rusty old key. The cabinet's full of the old eyepieces, weird things that I couldn't begin to know what to do with, plus dozens of old slides from the time when I was a child. Emily particularly enjoyed looking at cat dandruff, hair, wax, feather, torn grass, soil, skin and the chip ripped from an old, expired credit card.

  • During last Monday's psychic circle, we tried a rune meditation where we each blindly chose one of George's runes and then meditated on its meaning. This was remarkably successful given that none of us had a clue what the meanings were just from looking at the symbols, as none of us were familiar with runes.

  • Tuesday evening was Emily's last yoga lesson. I went in to help with the party, which wasn't as horrid as I'd thought it was going to be. The teacher presented me with a huge bunch of flowers to say thank your my help over the years. Which was very sweet of her. And made me feel guilty for saying horrible things about here. But there you go.

  • We've also been to Tansy's first birthday party, which was good fun for all. Emily got to know a lovely friend who she's barely really ever had a chance to get to know before, and I likewise had a good chat with the Mum concerned, who I've also really not had much chance to talk with before :-))

  • One afternoon this week I showed Emily what George had taught us about pendulum dowsing. She got the hang of it immediately and I think she has a real flair for it. We did an experiment with a shell hidden under one of four cups and we eached dowsed to see if we could tell which cup it was under. Out of five turns, Emily got four spot on and the fifth one she was torn between two cups, one of which was the right one. I was impressed. Me? Ahem. I was only right once out of the five times, so less than I would have been with random guesswork alone. Cough.

  • The same afternoon, I also did a rune meditation with Emily. Again, her results were much more impressive than mine. Sulk.

  • Yesteday, we waved my Mum and Dad off to the caravan in St Bees for a while. I want to go! Now!

  • Also yesterday, Emily and I went off to Jacki's for the day. Emily, Mei Lin and Jasmine had a fab time doing a fashion show and filming/photographing one another. So I gather, not that I saw hide nor hair of her for five hours after we got there. Meanwhile Jacki and I had fun debating the likelihood of Emily and Mei Lin eventually ending up at fashion college together....
  • Today I've been busy with press agency deadlines as usual. Jon's been painting the walls. Emily has been playing Civilisation on Gramps' computer downstairs (it doesn't like either of ours any more) and is now emerged in a re-read of Harry Potter Deathly Hallows. Karate tomorrow. Don't the weeks go by fast these days?

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    Linda @ The Briar Patch said...

    Goodness me that all sounds very busy and lots of fun. :)

    Don't forget to update the code for the blogring if you want to stay on it, if you've lost the code just drop me a line and I'll see if I can resend it. :)